Management has met to discuss the unwarranted and illegal protest action undertaken by the SRC and individuals without any status as UNIVEN students today, Thursday 09 January 2020, which caused the disruption of crucial operations of the University of Venda aimed at assisting prospective students to access education. The said individuals are demanding that management implement free education outside the DHET prescripts.

Management resolved as follows:

1. In compliance with the guidelines contained in the Department of Higher Education and Training document “Guidelines for the DHET Bursary Scheme for students at Public Universities” all NSFAS funded students, both first-entering and returning, will be exempted from paying any upfront fees to register.
2. All new self-funded and international students will be required to pay the upfront fee of R5000 before they will be allowed to register.
3. Returning self-funded and international students owing the university will in addition be required to pay the portion of outstanding balances indicated in the communique from the DVC (Operations) to the SG of the SRC on 6 December 2019.
4. Further disruptions of the operations of the University will be dealt with decisively. All perpetrators who are not 2020 registered students of the University of Venda will be dealt with as ordinary members of the public. The SAPS will be assisted to deal with such individuals who are making themselves guilty of criminal behavior.
5. Management will only engage with student leaders who are duly registered with the University for 2020 academic year and will only engage with the SRC as a collective once all members have been registered.
6. Management further noted with disappointment the reckless statements made in the media allegedly by the SRC Secretary General and some other individuals, which are damaging the reputation of the institution and inviting appropriate disciplinary processes.

The normal operations of the University will resume on Friday 10 January 2020. We’ll keep you updated on the situation on campus and progress with registration.

Kind regards,
Dr Takalani Dzaga-APR
Director Communications and Marketing
University of Venda