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Dear NSFAS Funded Student

The CEO of NSFAS visited the University of Venda last week and invited us to meet his team to resolve all outstanding funding matters. In response to this invitation, the Financial Aid officials will be going to NSFAS’s office next week in pursuit of getting closure on the various outstanding issues that affect your funding.

We urge you to complete the form below wherein you will indicate the funding matters that affect you. The Financial Aid Office has a record of matters previously raised by the affected students, we ask you to complete this form so that we do not miss raising your matters if they have not been registered yet.

Student no ID no. Query category




Categories of queries

  • NSFAS portal not working
  • Dual registration – NSFAS portal showing another institution
  • Awaiting registration data from institution – NSFAS portal
  • Awaiting results from institution – NSFAS portal
  • SOP / LAF received – NSFAS portal
  • No NBA
  • SARS review
  • Account not settled
  • Appeals – 2020 feedback pending
  • Appeals – 2021 feedback pending
  • DSU conversions
  • DSU assistive devices
  • ID change problems
  • Other  – please provide details


You have until Sunday 00:00 to make your submission. Late submissions will not be considered.

Financial Aid Office

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