Dear Postgraduate Students

  1. Due to the new normal way of doing things we considered it necessary to publish the AoD form for your convenience.
  1. Kindly complete the correct AoD form aligned to the guideline of postgraduate student registration process. The guideline has been attached for your convenience.

Complete the AoD form as follows:

  • Put initials (yourself and both witnesses) at the bottom of each page
  • Last page is full signature (yourself and both witnesses)
  • Copy of your ID
  • Proof of payment depending on category you are in.
  1. After completing the document save it as PDF to protect your signature. Pay attention to detail in completing the form to avoid back and forth approach which may cause delay.
  2. Send completed documents to ( all South African students), and to tshilidzi.ramulondi@univen ( all non-south African students)


Banking Details

Electronic Bank Transfer to Univen account:Bank : ABSA BANK
Branch Code : 334-149
Account number : 1 000 000 589
Deposits can be made at any ABSA Group Branch. Always quote a student number in the “reference” space provided on the deposit slip when making payment.Contact the Student Finance Office

All student account enquiries and quotations for student fees can be made to the Student Finance Office.

Tel: +27 15 962 8467

Kind Regards

Ramulondi Tshilidzi

08 June 2020

Original signed