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Below is a list of student demands and responses from the University of Venda Management:

 Student demands  Management Response/Action 
1. Students who are regarded as overpaid while they are not overpaid. These regard students have submitted their bank statements countless times but still up to date they haven’t received their allowances. 

2. Students who are underpaid (skipped for certain months) but they are regarded as overpaid while it is not true. As well they submitted bank statements countless times. 

The Financial Aid Team is working to resolve this matter. According to the University records over 9000 students have been paid allowances for November 2021. Our Finance Department has been working hard to resolve the outstanding payments and to date, 341 cases have been resolved which are ready for payment any time soon. Finance Department is committed to continue attending to individual student cases as and when they are brought to their attention. 
3. Students who aren’t accommodated but still haven’t received their transport allowances.  Affected students are urged to submit their details to the Office of the CFO at or, copy the University Registrar at for further investigation and assistance. 
4. March allowances  Normally NSFAS allowances are paid for a period of ten months in an academic year. But for 2021, the situation was different due to the national lockdown. NSFAS advised the University that they will pay allowances according to the academic year which started in April 2021. This implies that for 2021, allowances will be paid for a period of nine months (April-December 2021). Confirmation from NSFAS in this regard has already been shared with the SRC. 
5. Availability of Financial Aid staff for physical contact with students  The Department of Finance has committed to avail key personnel to attend to physical queries. 

The University Management has always taken student grievances seriously, and in this regard, management has already committed to sending a delegation to NSFAS comprising the Management and SRC led by the University Registrar, to find solutions on outstanding NSFAS student funding queries.

Management condemns the inappropriate actions of students that caused the disruption of the University business. Management finds it further disturbing that the SRC was engaging in a protest action outside the University stipulated processes.

Now that we have responded to your concerns, the University Management is advising the SRC and all students to call off the illegal protest action by no later than 14h00, today Tuesday 23 November 2021. Failure to meet this timeline will leave the University Management with no option but to take further action which may include the suspension of all academic activities.

Your understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated.

Adv. EN Lambani
University Registrar

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