Dear Students 

This is to invite those interested to participate in The Seeds for the Future programThe program is open to all University/TVET College students in South Africa therefore you can invite your friends from other institutions. 

Introduction of the program about the program

Seeds for the future is a flagship CSR program of Huawei globally. In 2016, Huawei SA has launched it together with Department of Communications and Digital Technologies , it offers 10 outstanding students to having 2 weeks study trips in China every year. Up to 2019, there were 40 students have explored and gained new technologies knowledge in their study path.

This year, due to the COVID-19 continues unfolding around the world, we have to be more alert and careful while keeping eyes on the future and also to make sure students are still able to get chance to learn and experiencing the new thing s hence we have decided to do the ONLINE seeds program to cope with the un predictable situation right now with more participations number open. The program will be 5 days online program with 6 hours compulsory courses, 6 hours live streamed courses and 1 hour elective course. Also additional resources provided for students who is interested free to access. 

1.         Program Time line

–  Application starts 1st July 2020

–  Application close 21st  July 2020

–  29th  July 2020 final announcement

–  10th August 2020 program starts

14th August 2020 program ends

 2.         Selection criteria

–  Total number of participates: 20 to 50 students

–  South Africa citizen

–  All university/college students with ICT related major (Computer Science, Electronic Science, Information Technology, Software, Engineering, etc.)

–  Average of 70% academic marks

–  Have a strong interest in telecommunications and technologies

–  Team player and dedicated to training tasks (including but not limited to training tests and completing a high quality essay)

–  Interest in China and Chinese culture Interest in China and Chinese culture

3.         Benefits for online participates

–  All participates will be covered of free data for the program

–  Certificate of Huawei Seeds for the future sky

–  TOP students will receiving a mysterious price after the program

4.         An application package should contain:

Application form ( see attached application form)

–  Academic Records including last academic year and current academic progress

–  ID copy

–  Recommendation or Reference letter from Faculty/Division Head (optional)

–  CV (optional )

–  Any other supporting documents 

Applicants should submit an application package by 21st July 2020 to the following Email address:  and ; Any questions related to the program do not hesitated to contact, thank you! 

Download Application Form

Best Regards

Ms. Tabani Njaba

ICT Training Officer

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