Important Dates

 Abstract Submission 
25 March 2019 
Author notification 
6 May 2019 
Final Full Paper submission 
10 June 2019 
Conference registration opens 
3 June 2019 
Pre-Conference Training Workshop 
08 – 09 July 2019 

For abstract submissions

 For any additional information regarding the conference, please contact: pasapapers@gmail.com 


The Population Association of Southern Africa (PASA) is pleased to be hosting the 14h Annual Population Conference. The PASA Conference is a general scientific conference aimed at advancing population scholarship in the region through sharing of population related research and programs, interaction of scholars and practitioners, as well as exposure to new methods and issues in demography.

Demographers, population scholars, academics, students and practitioners globally, and particularly in the Southern African region are invited to submit abstracts. The conference is organized around Oral Sessions and Poster presentations covering the population sub-themes listed below. Papers related to the Social Development Goals and population dynamics are highly encouraged. The conference will provide an excellent platform for demographers, population scientists and professionals from related fields to interact and share their knowledge on research findings as well as experiences.

The conference is organised around the following sub themes but are not restricted to these: 

1. Population Data and Methods 

2. Population Policy and Programmes 

3. Age Structural Transitions 

4. Population and Gender 

5. Population, Education and Development 

6. Population, Development and Environment 

7. Regional Migration, African Diaspora Remittance Flows and Urbanization 

8. Population Ageing and Intergenerational Relationships 

9. Population and Poverty 

10. Population and sustainable development 

11. Families and Households 

12. Children and Youth 

13. People Living with Disability 

14. Fertility and Nuptiality 

15. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 

16. Health, Morbidity and Mortality 

17. HIV Interventions: Clinical and Social 

18. Alcohol and substance use 


Abstracts are being accepted for the following types of sessions: 

1. Oral sessions – Authors are requested to submit papers to the most appropriate sub-theme of their topic. 

2. Poster sessions – Authors are requested to submit papers to the most appropriate sub-theme of their topic. Papers that don’t get accepted for the oral session may be considered for the poster sessions. 

3. Young Statisticians Oral Session (Students only)-there will be awards for this session which will be announced at the conference gala dinner. 

4. Young Statisticians Poster Session (Students only)-there will be awards for these sessions which will be announced at the conference gala dinner. 

Authors whose abstracts are accepted for either a poster or oral presentation will be expected to submit full papers prior to the conference. The full papers will be circulated to the discussants and chairs of the respective sessions. 


Authors need to complete an online abstract submission form, which can be accessed by following this link: https://goo.gl/forms/Ku16tVrd7ir21HI02 Authors are also expected to send an abstract of no more than 350 words to pasapapers@gmail.com. Abstract file names should consist of the surname of the first author and the title of paper. 

The abstract should consist of the following sections: 

1. Title of the paper and contributor’s name (Surname and Initials of each author) and contact details. 

2. Background: Indicating the reason(s) for your investigation, objectives and hypotheses. 

3. Methods: Indicating the methods used (including for example sample size etc.) 

4. Results: The essential results observed in summary form including sufficient quantitative data and statistical tests. 

5. Conclusion(s) and policy implications: Conclusions should be supported by the findings within your results 


The 2019 membership form can be accessed and completed through this link: https://goo.gl/forms/D2qcqzp8bkkDnn7k1. A proof of payment needs to be sent to pasapapers@gmail.com 

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Bank: First National Bank
Account Holder: PASA
Account Number: 62461094949
Branch Code: 250655 (Mafikeng)
Conference reference: Surname Initial Conf.
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