What to do in case of an emergency

Univen staff, students and visitors are a high priority to the existence and sustainability of the university, there are initiatives that have been put in place all around campus, with proper research and implementation of high safety and security. Students and staff are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior in and around campus buildings as […]

Call for Applications: NRF Postgraduate Student Funding for the 2022 Academic Year

UNIVEN INTERNAL Closing dates Scholarship Category Opening date Closing date Extension Support for Masters and Doctoral Studies 1 Apr 21 18 June 21 First‐time General Doctoral Scholarships 1 Apr 21 18 June 21 SARAO Doctoral Scholarships 1 Apr 21 17 July 21 First‐time General Masters Scholarships 1 Apr 21 18 June 21 SARAO Masters Scholarships […]

UNIVEN honours Deans and Directors for their efforts and welcomes a new redefined chapter

On Wednesday, 05 May 2021, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) honoured Deans and Directors for their efforts of making sure that UNIVEN is where it is today and for managing to survive previous years, especially a difficult academic year 2020. A Thank You Dinner was held on Wednesday evening at the Ranch Hotel to honour […]


In the past 24 hours, South Africa reported about 3 221 new cases of COVID-19 infections. This shows an increase in the spread of the virus and alarming rate of infections. The numbers of daily death rate owing to the COVID-19 over 24 hour increased to 44 people and still counting.  South Africa and the […]

How to join Univen Sporting Codes

Interested students can join our sporting codes by registering their names in our Sport and Recreation Offices or by sending an email to: lizeka.miza@univen.ac.za indicating sporting code of interest. Univen Sport and Recreation Unit has categorized the sport and recreational programmes as follows: High performance (Participating in USSA tournaments & selected leagues) Competitive (participating in […]