Association of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA) Limpopo education committee recently conducted an induction session for both executive members of the Universities of Venda (UNIVEN) and Limpopo (UL) ABASA students’ chapters. This induction session took place at UL. The Association is established to promote the professional interests of persons engaged in the accounting profession whose commitment and dedication is to the pursuit of professional and academic excellence for the benefit, needs, aspirations and advancement of blacks in the accounting profession.

Mr Mulondo Unarine – ABASA UL Student Chapter Chairperson

ABASA UL Student Chapter Chairperson, Mr Mulondo Unarine Mulondo, welcomed the student leaders from the ABASA UNIVEN and UL student chapter, guests from ABASA Limpopo, guests from ABASA National and the Standard Bank representatives. He highlighted that the purpose of the induction was to assist the student leaders understand why they have been elected to lead and how they should work together. “This induction should also assist us to know how best we can work together as UL and UNIVEN to achieve the objectives of our institutions”, he said.

Ms Ampfarisaho Makwarela – ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter Chairperson

ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter executives learnt about the importance of serving for the betterment of accounting students and not for fame or to be known. They also learned that it is important to first examine how best their initiatives could assist or champion the needs of the students before they are implemented. Furthermore, they noted that it is important to have a healthy relationship with the University management and the SRC, to always be informed on the University challenges and developments. This will help them come up with simple and better solutions to students’ challenges, especially the ones under the Department of Accountancy.

Ms Elelwani Mudau – ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter Advisory Board Member

ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter Advisory Board Member, Ms Elelwani Mudau stressed on the importance of reading through the Student Chapter Constitution. “I think the reason we do not read the constitution is that we do not know its importance in assisting us serve. ‘‘Members should read the constitution to understand how best they can serve the students and achieve the objectives of ABASA and the institutions”, She said.

Mr Thabo Godfrey Mongatane CA(SA) – ABASA National Leadership Programme Committee Chairperson,

ABASA National Leadership Programme Committee Chairperson, Mr Thabo Godfrey Mongatane CA(SA), explained that ABASA is not a political party but a civic organisation that aims at challenging the problems faced by black accountants and assisting them reach greater heights. He also explained to the executive members, the importance of reflecting on their expectations and tracking their progress and commitment in achieving the goals and objectives of ABASA as well as the institutions. He also encouraged the members to consider both BCom Accounting Science and BCom Accounting general students each time they make decisions and implement measures. He further stressed that the members should always remember that they are representing ABASA and their universities, not individuals. “You must always remember that you are representing the organisation, serving the students and not your personal interests”, he told the members.

L-R: (front row) Ms Neshehe M – Academic Officer, Ms Mudau N – Careers and Professional Development, Ms Makwarela A – Deputy Secretary, Ms Tangananalo S – Secretary, Ms Manyaga N – Events Manager and Ms Makwarela A – Chairperson.
R-L: (back row) Ms Mudau E – Advisory Board, Mr Munyai V.H – Public Relations, Mr Lekgwara J – Academic Officer, Mr Nevhusenga R – Advisory Board


ABASA UNIVEN AND UL listening to the speakers during the induction


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Date: 10 May 2022

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