For the past 750 days, our country South Africa has been under a national state of disaster. The presided on his state of the nation address on 4th April 2022, ended the country from the State of National Disaster with some rules still in place. A few transitional measures will remain and automatically lapse after 30 days. After consideration of the public comments on, the new Health Regulations will be put in place. The pandemic will be managed through normal health, social development, labor, and other laws and regulations.


Masks Must be worn indoor public spaces (classrooms, taxis, buses) and during all stakeholders’ meetings. NB: no need to wear a mask outdoors


All students and staff need to be vaccinated or produce a PCR negative test less than 72 hours before attending any activity on campus. Without proof of vaccine or negative test: Upper limits of 1000 indoors and 2000 outdoors remained. The social distancing of 1m to 1.5m is no longer applicable during classes, meetings, etc, provided you have your musk on.

Students who want to plan or participate in sporting activities must be vaccinated

Those students who may not produce a vaccination certificate and want to participate in sporting activities must have negative PCR results not more than 72 hours on the day of the activity.

NB! If one wants to attend the sporting event and has no proof of vaccination or PCR negative result will be denied the right to participate in the event.

Any non-compliant conduct by the majority of the attendees and participants will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.

All individuals entering the university without proof of vaccination card will be subjected to seven days of screening routines at the entrance/gate.

The vaccinated individual should produce proof of vaccination at the gate. Venue capacity remains 50% occupancy.

• We need to keep up basic precautionary measures to prevent all infections • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth
• Keep a safe distance from others
• Stay away from closed or crowded spaces
• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use sanitizer
• Limit sharing of resources for example Gadgets, if offices are shared make sure there is enough distance from one person to the other
• Or sharing of offices where venue capacity, social distancing, and other covid 19 protocols are not permitting is not allowed
• Clean and ventilate working spaces, classrooms, etc

These guidelines are effective immediately after signing by relevant authorities.

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