1. All current Univen students who will still be returning to study in year 2022 and who want campus-based residence, must APPLY for residence online from 27 October 2021. By logging to My Access account and clicking on Residence Application. 

2. Only students who are currently registered for 2021 academic year, will be able to apply online for residence for year 2022. 

3. Residence applications will only be open online until 12 November 2021. No manual applications will be accepted. 

4. Students allocation per room into residences will be done on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS, which will be automatically determined by the system based on the time of application. 

5. Students who do not apply for residence online by 12 November 2021 will not be allocated residence for year 2022. 

2. If you are completing your studies and not going to register academically in year 2022, please do not apply for residence to give another student a chance to secure a room. 

3. From 2022 residence will be registered for the whole year in January 2022, and it is the responsibility of every student to follow proper residence cancellation procedures to ensure they will not be charged for the whole year. 

4. Online link for applying for Off- campus accredited residences will be available once On- campus residences are fully registered/ occupied in year 2022. 

5. To ensure that you always receive residence sms messages or emails, make sure that your contact details are correct or update them on My Access. 


Mr. Ntai Mokoena 
Head: Student Housing 

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