On Friday, 23 March 2018, the University of Venda (Univen) held Library Week celebration event. The event was held at Univen’s Library Foyer under the theme ‘Libraries: heart of the community’.

Dr Isaac Ndlovu, a lecturer in the English Department at Univen said libraries like human heart, if they cannot function properly, communities will suffer. Dr Ndlovu urged students to make use of their libraries and also take care of them. “It is the responsibility of all students and communities which utilize these libraries to make sure that they are in good conditions all the time.” He advised students to take their own responsibility by reading for the purpose of improving their lives. “Do not allow yourself to graduate and leave this University with bad vocabulary. Make use of Univen library to improve yourself.”

Dr Ndlovu expressed that, libraries have resources that are able to assist anyone to improve their reading, speaking and writing skills. He further applauded Univen library for being able to serve rural communities with much needed information. “Without a Library, the university would close down,” concluded Dr Ndlovu.

Mrs Mushoni Mulaudzi, Director Library Services at Univen told the audience that a library is a communal resource and every community should take good care of their own libraries. She said that, without libraries people would remain illiterate. “A Library gives students life on campus and it makes their life easier by its easy access to information function.” Mrs Mulaudzi further added that libraries bridge digital divide especially those in rural areas. She urged students and members of the community to take responsibility of their libraries by refraining from stealing and destroying libraries because the future of communities lies within libraries.

Mr Kudzai Mpofu, LLB Masters student at Univen motivated students with wise words as a fellow student. He told students to use libraries to empower themselves and improve their lives. Mr Mpofu further expressed that the only way to change the situation within the communities we come from, is through making use of libraries.

Ms Yamkela Bam, a third year Bcom Accounting student who was also a motivational speaker during the event, advised students to make use of their libraries because libraries are available to improve their lives. She told the audience that, learning is like a muscle, “once you are educated, you will live a better life with minimal challenges,” she said.

Mr Jerry Mahlangu, Information Librarian at Univen said Univen students are privileged to have a library of this caliber. He further highlighted that there are lot of reasons why Univen students should make use of their library. “Univen students are unlikely to queue for services. Students are likely to find what they are looking for and if it is not there, we will order it from somewhere for you.” He said there is no library in the world that works in isolation, libraries work together. “The reason why we say whatever library services you need; it will be served to you is because we work with other libraries.” Mr Mahlangu said Univen Library also has a suggestion box where students who are not satisfied can complain and those complaints will be attended to because complaints allow a room for improvement.

Univen Library Services staff members posing for a group photo at the Univen Library Foyer

Students who attended the Univen Library Week listening to speakers

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Date: 23 March 2018

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