1. The Executive Management Committee of the University has decided to provide a 15 percent settlement discount to all students who are anticipated to graduate during the 2022 winter graduation ceremony scheduled to take place on 14 and 15 July 2022. Those who settle their accounts through FUNDI loan are eligible to receive a further 10% discount over and above what the University is offering. 

2. The University Management is offering this gratuity so that students graduate and walk away with their degree certificates. 

3. To get further details on the above offer, do not hesitate to contact Revenue and Financial Aid Directorate. Assistance with the estimate of amount payable taking into consideration the settlement offer, will be provided. Those who will settle their outstanding debts through FUNDI loan should indicate that, for the purpose of receiving an additional 10% discount as stipulated above. 

Below are the banking details for direct payments:
Bank: ABSA bank
Account number: 1 000 000 589
Branch: Polokwane
Type: Cheque
Reference for payment: Student number 

4. For FUNDI payment, please contact Judith Themeli at 015 962 8189. 

5. For direct payments contact 015 962 8467 and 064 980 9619. 

Hope you will all take advantage of this rare gesture. 

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