The department of chemistry cordially invites all chemistry first entering students to its orientation day scheduled as follows:
Date: Thursday 03 March 2022
Time: 12 pm
Venue: E1

Programme Director: Dr LC Murulana

12:05-12:15 Opening and welcome: HOD, Dr SS Mnyakeni Moleele
12:15-12:30 First year chemistry: Dr MV Bvumbi
12:30-12:45 Safety in the chemistry labs: Dr NT Tavengwa
13:00-13:15 Careers in chemistry: Dr E Batisai
13:15-13:30 Research in chemistry: Prof M Kabanda
13:30-13:45 Making ice-cream, an experiment: Mr FB Mutshaeni, Ms Maseko and Mr TG Ramonetha
13:45-14:00 Closing remarks: Dr MA Legodi

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