On Friday, 18 June 2021, the Department of Student Affairs held an event to bid farewell to the Director Student Affairs, Mr LG Lufuno Tshikhudo. This farewell function was held at Kalahari Waterfront, Nandoni. Staff from the Department of Student Affairs described Mr Tshikhudo as a great leader with big heart.

When delivering the purpose of gathering, Mr Patrick Thaba said they are bidding farewell to a leader who had a vision, a vision to grow the Department to serve students. He said if it was not because of him, the Student Affairs Department would not be how it is today. He wished him well in his new position.

Representing Campus Health Clinic, Maggie Hlungwani reading a note from Ms Faith Mashau, Head of Campus Health Clinic said it was easy for Student Affairs Department to work together in your presence. “You kept us all together like a family, you are such a patient leader.” She told him to Keep the same working spirit where he is going and continue to lead with diligence. “We are proud of you and hope you will make a difference. Your leadership will make an impact that will be reported to us not by you but through the good work that you will be doing there.”

Mr Ntai Mokoena, Head of Student Housing also wished Mr Tshikhudo well in his new position. “In the seven months that I have spent at this University, you have shown to be a great leader and keep it that way even where you are going. Enjoy your new role and nourish the growth of your career.”

Mrs Francina Mutavhatshindi representing Student Governance Section, rendered a poem praising Mr Tshikhudo for his hard work and love for people. She rendered the poem with mixed emotions.

Ms Della Muvhango from Student Affairs explained Mr Tshikhudo as a man who believes in an open-door policy. She said Mr Tshikhudo always created time to listen to everyone, both staff and students. “I have learned a lot from him.”

Mr Lufuno Tshikhudo

In his response, Mr Lufuno Tshikhudo explained this moment as a very emotional moment for him to be leaving UNIVEN but he is happy because this shows growth in life. “This was a very difficult decision to make but I had to take it anyway because at some point, one has to grow.” He said he is confident that he will make a difference even where he is going though it might not be easy. Mr Tshikhudo discouraged Student Affairs from celebrating quantity over quality. “always make sure that everything you is done whole heartedly and with diligence. I am where I am today because of your dedication, hard work, team spirit and support.”

“Continue to learn, never cease to learn new things. We grow by learning. Work very hard and let your works talk for you.” He concluded by advising Student Affairs to continue making impact and UNIVEN the best institution where every learner/student and employee would wish to be part of.

Student Affairs Staff members posing for a group photo with Mr Lufuno Tshikhudo (fourth from left) in the fist row.

Student Affairs Staff members posing for a group photo with Mr Lufuno Tshikhudo (fourth from left) in the fist row.

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