The Directorate of Research and Innovation has continued accepting application for Ethical Clearance during the lockdown period. We would to request that all electronic applications should follow this format. This will assist the office in attending to applications more efficiently.


In order to protect your electronic signatures; kindly ensure that all application forms are forwarded in PDF format.
All documents should be correctly named. I.e. Ms. MV Khoza R7 June 2020

To :
Cc :; Supervision/Promotion Team;

Submission of New Research Ethics Applications i.e.

Subject: School of Management Sciences Research Ethics Application (Applicant School)

Submission of Research Ethics Corrections i.e.
– Subject: Research Ethics Corrections Ms MV Khoza (Applicant Name)

1. Crucial documentation to be included in new applications

– Completed Research Ethics Protocol Application (R7/R7a)
– Registration of the Project (R1)
– Proof of Registration (Current year of application)
– Honours Group Projects – Each student to submit proof of Registration
– Masters and Doctoral
– Proposal endorsed by Schools Higher Degrees Committee (SHDC)
– UNIVEN Participant information letter(s) and consent form(s) (Appendix B)
– Data collection tool e.g. questionnaire (if applicable)
– Conflict of interest form (Appendix C)
– Interview guide/schedule i.e. the list of questions to be asked (if applicable)
– Letters from researcher to respective gatekeepers asking permission to conduct research
– Copy of advertisements to be used (if applicable)
– Other information being supplied to participants
– Other documentation necessary for the UREC to make an informed decision regarding the research.

2. The Research Ethics Protocol Application (R7 / R7a)

– Latest version of UNIVEN template
– All signatures present – student, supervisor, and school/department

3. Submission of Research Ethics Corrections

– REC Response Template (Signed by both applicant and Supervisor/Promoter)
– Approved R7/R7a (If applicable)
– Corrected Project proposal

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