Executive Management and Senior Managers posing for a group photo outside the venue where the workshop was taking place

The University of Venda Executive Management and Senior Managers participated in a two-day workshop to review the 2022 Mid-Term performance. The workshop took place at Euphoria Golf and Lifestyle Estate, Mookgophong from 23 – 24 June 2022. During the workshop, comprehensive presentations were made by the University divisional heads.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal – Dr Bernard Nthambeleni

 When welcoming the delegates, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr Bernard Nthambeleni shared his presentation that was all about Mid-Term Review Focus, Overview of University, Operating Model, Graduate Profile, Background on 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan, Review of Strategy implementation, Role of Executive and Senior Management as key drivers and Stakeholder involvement. 

In his presentation, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal indicated that this is an upright gathering to see good progress reported. He pointed that “most significantly, we are gathered for these two days to evaluate the implementation process and gather some lessons learned to build a strong performance management and reporting culture at all fronts”. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal further said, “Our new Strategic Plan provides a paradigm shift in teaching, learning and research approaches, and most importantly usher us into a new era characterised by vast opportunities for students and staff to develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and thereby contributing to the local and regional economic development agenda”. 

Closing the two-day workshop, which ended in a cheerful state, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal told the senior managers that the failure of the University is upon its leadership . “We all play the role of leadership for the success of the University. We expect excellent performance by all leaders, cascading to our subordinates.” Dr Nthambeleni indicated that leaders need to understand their roles and to be accountable in whatever they are to deliver. He finally emphasised the issue of effective communication which is crucial to all.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Corporate Services – Dr Robert Martin

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Corporate Services, Dr Robert Martin presented the purpose of the workshop which was to check performance plan against Annual Performance Plan and Divisional Operational Plan targets. Dr Martin further stated that we need to reflect on challenges and agree on mitigating action. He further said, in terms of reporting context, Annual Performance Plan targets are linked to the strategic objectives – Our contract with Council and DHET. He also highlighted that our Divisional plans should be linked the risk register. 

Towards the end of the workshop, the DVC Corporate Services, Dr Robert Martin briefly summed up the workshop and updated the delegates on the CHE institutional audit. 

Amongst other presenters were Dr Sannah Mativandlela who presented on 2021 Annual Report Performance overview in relation to the core business of the University, assessing readiness of institutional reporting: statutory reports to DHET and high level preparation for the 2023 planning cycle; Dr Mutshinyalo Ratombo presented on Implementation of the 2022 Annual Divisional Plans (ADoPs) in support of the 2022 APP outputs and 2021-2025 Strategic Plan objectives, Streamlining Annual Divisional Operational Plans and APP reporting templates; Mr Sam Khoza presented on high level update on the development of Performance Information Management System (PIMS) project/ Monitoring & Evaluation reporting tool; DVC Teaching and Learning: Prof Jan Crafford presented a report on the Institutional Enrolment and Graduate targets and their implications to the University; DVC Research and Postgraduate Studies: Prof Nosisi Feza presented the research productivity, Postgraduate outputs and the implications to the University; CFO: Mr Botwe Kraziya and Ms Beauty Mutheiwana presented the draft of the 2021 audit outcomes and high level preparation for the 2023 budgeting cycle; Mrs Diana Makwarela and Mr Tinyiko Sibiya presented on the Internal Audit and Risk Management; Mrs Uanda Ndou presented on HR performance and updates on the selection and appointment turnaround time.

University Registrar – Adv Edward Lambani

The University Registrar, Adv Edward Lambani proposed a vote of thanks. He thanked all the delegates and presenters for this interactive workshop. “It is in this kind of meeting where we begin to understand our roles and that we need each other. No one should be working in silos. Teamwork is the way towards achieving our targets.” 

Below are pictures of Executive Management and Senior Managers who presented during the workshop: 


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