DATE: 04 March 2022
TIME: 09:00 – 12h00

Master of Ceremonies: Dr P Ramabulana

09h00 Opening Prayer: Dr LM Mudimeli

09h03 A word of welcome and introduction of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education: Prof T Runhare

09h20 Introductions of Departments

(Each presentation should not be more than three minutes).

Department of Arts and Social Sciences:
Dr R Tshifhumulo
Department of English, Media Studies and Linguistics: Dr MN Lambani
Department of African Languages: Dr KJ Nkuna

Department of Human Sciences: r LM Mudimeli

Department of Social Work: Dr LD Mogorosi

Dept. of Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage Studies: Adv/Dr PE Matshidze
Dept. of Early Childhood Education: Prof NP Mudzielwana
Dept. of Educational Studies: Dr NP Mafenya

Dept. of Professional and Curriculum Studies: Dr M Mpeta

Institute for Gender and Youth Studies: Dr TJ Mudau


Dealing with transition to prevent mental health problems: Dr TC Matsea

Centre for Higher Education Teaching and Learning (CHETL): Dr F Ravhuhali
Library: Dr N Mahwasane

Campus Health & Wellness: Ms NWF Mashau

General Rules and Registration: Mr TA Mmbadi / Ms G Tshimange
Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Council: Mr S Shabangu
Community Engagement: Dr S Kaheru

Importance of attending classes and Assignments: Prof EK Klu
Closure: Dr LM Mudimeli

12h30 Campus Tour: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Council

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