On Thursday, 01 October 2020, a total of 19 University of Venda (UNIVEN) students under three organisations, AIME (11), Youth Evolve (6) and Aphrodite Global (2) collaborated and impacted female learners from Marude Secondary School.

About 55 girls benefited from Mentorship, Gender Based Violence (GBV) awareness and sanitary pad distribution. Aphrodite Global is an organisation that advocates for women against various matters such as GBV. On this day, learners were engaged in a short session about GBV. Ms Lindokuhle Zwane who is the President and Founder of Aphrodite Global and Miss Obasa Esther Adebusayo, Deputy Chairperson and Founder of Aphrodite Global led the sessions on GBV. During this session, the issue of consent and various ways on how victims of GBV can respond to different situations at their hands were discussed.

Lindokuhle Zwane (right) teaching learners on how to respond to difficult situations

In addition, learners were also engaged in a session to bring awareness about menstruation. This session strived to challenge the girls to accept the biology of their creation and to be proud of who they are. Learners were also encouraged to practice sanitary hygiene. In their reflections, several learners cherished the opportunity to attend the sessions.


Learners listening to the speakers

After all sessions, learners received sanitary pads. The purpose of this initiative was also to assist learners who cannot afford sanitary pads. Students who facilitated this collaborative initiative expressed that, from their observations, it was evident that, they still have a lot of work to do in order to bridge the gap between those who can afford and those who cannot afford within communities where we come from. “There is a need to continue donating sanitary pads for future distribution. The Sanitary Pad Distribution Drive initiative will continue supporting Marude learners every month where about 100 girls identified by the school will be beneficiaries.”

Grade 10 Learner receiving sanitary pads




Youth Evolve team

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