“I have always found economics fascinating as a social subject that deals with daily topical issues. Growing up, I was very inquisitive as to how the world works and how the different parts fit together. Economics has therefore helped me to better understand that,” says Mrs Azwifaneli Nemushungwa, who is a lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Venda (UNIVEN). 

Mrs Azwifaneli Nemushungwa, who is a lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Venda (UNIVEN)

“I have always strived to be a continuous learner with a deep passion for Economics, especially within the South African context and its effects on the everyday life of ordinary South Africans. I therefore want to improve my understanding of this discipline by engaging more with other experts in the field and continue to do research to broaden my skill base.” She continued to explain that, with the platform she has as an analyst, this will allow her to provide insightful commentary to a wide variety of audiences. 

Mrs Nemushungwa started analyzing economic matters in 2016 on Univen FM with Simon Maluleke and Fhatuwani Lidzebe (who is now at Phalaphala FM) on a programme called ‘Current Matters.’ She said she was later called by Makhado FM to analyze economic issues on a programme called ‘Maswa Maswa’. In 2017, Mrs Nemushungwa was on Kingdom FM community radio and Cosmo FM, which is in Randburg with DJ khathu. 

In May 2018, she was offered an opportunity to make a 30 minutes presentation on SABC Phalaphala FM every Thursday, from 03 to 31 May on the theme ‘Economy’ with Wonder Juniper. “I was then interviewed on programmes like ‘Masheleni na vhubindudzi’ conducted by Murendeni Muhali and Mbavhalelo Nematondoni, SABC Education with Gill Tosh, ‘Tshiko’ with Mpho Rathando and on ‘Ndevhetsini’. She later started analyzing economic matters on Vhembe FM. “Currently, my clips are included on Capricorn FM news bulletin.” 

Mrs Nemushungwa is a former high school educator who was teaching a variety of subjects, primarily focusing on Economics. She is currently married with four children. She is also serving as a treasurer for the local Civic Organization in the area where she resides. 

She advised those who wish to be analysts in future to understand what needs to be analyzed, that is, the problem to be addressed, the objectives and/or the questions to be addressed in the analysis. “Know your target audience and key facts that the audience need to know.’’ 

She highlighted that a good analyst should have critical thinking skills; have the ability to see both sides of the argument by making a balanced argument; continuously learn and try to acquire more knowledge of your discipline; try to acquire knowledge from other disciplines as disciplines are often interrelated and to have the ability to convey the message in a simple and understandable manner. 

Her advice to women and everyone is ‘’know that the world is your oyster. Anything that you may imagine is possible if you can put your mind and focus on it’’. 

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Date: 06 August 2019 

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