Mulalo Rejoyce Maumela

Mulalo Rejoyce Maumela is a vibrant active entrepreneurship channeler. Ms Maumela is Leading the Student Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (SEA) project for entrepreneurship awareness campaign at the University of Venda under Community Engagement Directorate. “I am a self-motivated student entrepreneur”, she said. Her entrepreneurship journey was enhanced earlier when she was in primary grade, having to go to a Christian school (Tshivhazwaulu Christian Academy) no vendor was allowed to sell inside the school yard, such that she realised a gap of learners need to buy as a concept of money circulation.

With the realisation that all corporate organisations formulate from a business perspective and women are still less privileged to lead in managerial positions, she decided to enroll for a BCom degree in Business Management at the University of Venda. Ms Maumela is currently studying towards a master’s degree in Business Management. “Being a UNIVEN student gave me a reason to work towards my triumph, UNIVEN gave me an opportunity to revert to my early passion for entrepreneurship through exposure to campus entrepreneurship initiatives and business opportunities”, she proclaimed. In 2019 Ms. Maumela participated in Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) at the University of Leuphana and German commission for UNESCO, wherein she was exposed to running campus business for a period of three months, during the same year she was also a UNIVEN ENACTUS member. 

Ms Maumela attended the Social Entrepreneurship Launch where she obtained knowledge in developing social entrepreneurship ideas and implementing strategic and innovative ideas for social entrepreneurs. She is part of Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) and was one of the speakers at EDHE Student Entrepreneurship Week 2022 at the University of Venda. 

By showcasing her passion for entrepreneurship, she was then recognised by Professor Vhonani Netshandama and Dr Gloria Nkondo, which paved way for her to attend various entrepreneurship workshops including Co-Designing and Implementing Branded Entrepreneurship Short Learning Programmes and Demystifying Entrepreneurship at the University of Venda. Her entrepreneurial knowledge was further expanded when she attended SOCIO-NEXT entrepreneurship acceleration programme themed “Starting a business from 0”. 

Apart from being an active entrepreneur, she has also gained three years’ experience working as a business management tutor. Ms. Maumela is also a University of Venda Student Representative Council (SRC) serving as member of parliament 2021\2022. “Obtaining leadership skills from big institutions was one of my ultimate goals which I have achieved”. She also participated in the EXAKT4YOU workshop on the theme Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Sustainability Communication-Climate change in DHBW University in Germany. Forecasting towards her academic business endeavors, she will be studying Post Graduate Diploma Business Management specialising in Business Communication in 2023 at the University of Cape Town. 

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Department of Marketing, Branding & Communication
University of Venda
Tel: (015) 962 8525 /8710
Date: 30 August 2022 

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