On 20 March 2018, the University of Venda (Univen) held a farewell function of National Research Foundation (NRF) and Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) interns. The farewell function was held at the University’s Art Gallery.

Interns posing with their certificates outside the university’s Art Gallery

SASSETA interns were also awarded certificates during the farewell function.

Mr Patrick Rachidi, Head of Organisational Development and Training at Univen told the outgoing interns to start thinking about creating job opportunities for themselves and others. He further advised students to be careful of what they write on social media platforms as this can work against them in future. “This might create a lot of likes on social media platforms but can damage your reputation,” said Mr Rachidi.

Dr Thakhani Takalani, Head of Univen Centre for Continuing Education at Univen Innovative Growth Company (UIGC), in his closing remarks told interns that their good conducts and behavior during their tenure as interns will make the UIGC and the University to remember them when opportunities arise. He said most interns have the ability to manage offices hence it is difficult to call them interns. Dr Mudau further advised those with business ideas to start implementing them and change the economy of the country.

Ms Ntsieni Mukhunama, from Department of Labour advised the interns about Job Hunting skills. She told them to be able to write a resume which will be able to stand alone and secure them an interview. She said marital status, hobbies and religion should not be included on the Curriculum Vitae (CV) because they are not important. Ms Makhunama further told them to update their CV everytime they apply for a new post. She said the CV should respond to the requirements on the advertisement. “Be honest in your CV because that is the first impression you should give to the potential employer.”

Mrs Phathutshedzo Mapholi, Univen Recruitment Specialist advised the interns on issues related to proper conducts, frequently asked questions and expected responses during interviews. She said, “when you are being shortlisted, it means you qualify for that position, prepare yourself and be able to prove that indeed you qualify for that position.” Mrs Mapholi further advised them to frequently check their emails and answer private telephone calls in a professional manner. “Do not be rude when answering phone calls from private numbers because it might be from your prospective employers.” Some of the things that she highlighted includes punctuality on the day of interview; dress code to impress panel members and knowing the organization which shortlisted them. “Make sure to take details regarding the person to meet when you arrive, correct venue, date and time of interview.

Thabelo Tshilukwa from National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) presented about Graduate opportunities at NYDA. She advised interns to visit their nearest NYDA offices to seek information regarding available opportunities for graduates at NYDA.

Interns and speakers listening to representative from NYDA during the function

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Date: 22 March 2018

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