On Wednesday, 31 October 2018, the University of Venda deemed it important to organise a workshop for its employees on Personal Financial and Stress Management. This workshop was held at the University’s Research Conference Centre.

During this workshop, University employees were trained on how to manage and deal with stress which is the major cause of depression in our daily lives. The University employees were advised on the aspect of Personal Financial management which is another element that causes depression.

Some of the employees and guest speakers posing for a group photo
Three presenters addressed important issues that are affecting people either young or old, be it at work, home and everywhere.

Mr Victor Sigama, Head of Human Resources (HR) Department Planning, Staffing, Remuneration and Benefits Administration, in his opening and welcome remarks, mentioned that it is the duty of every organisation’s social responsibility that it creates an atmosphere where employees can work together harmoniously. Mr Sigama indicated that the University values the wellbeing of its employees’ wellness in personal, financial and stress management hence it has organised this workshop. He added that the University organised the workshop in order to help the employees within the organisation to overcome the challenges they are facing.

Addressing the topic ‘Financial Management’ was Mr Mlungisi Mashinini who is the Sales Manager from IEMAS Financial Service. In his presentation Mr Mashinini stressed that IEMAS is concerned more about the financial well-being of the employees more so when it comes to guiding them when signing for loans, vehicle contracts, credit cards and insurances. It is important that you have the rights in handling your finances. However, employees were advised to think before they spend their money. “Sometimes you could get a better deal somewhere before you make any purchase”. It was during this workshop where it was found that people sign deals that they do not understand, hence they are in debts that contribute to depression.

Mr Mashinini further advised the audience that it is important for them to buy items that they really need and can afford. He said that people fail because they are in competition. He advised them to save money so that they could have financial freedom. Mr Mashinini concluded by advising people to get a professional Financial Advisor in order to make informed decisions.

Mr Ernest Ungulani, the Managing Director of Vandalamo Financial Services continued with the reason why employees need to have a financial advisor before they start spending their money. He outlined different types of insurances and how they operate. In his presentation he encouraged people to draft their will to avoid chaotic situations in their families.

Mr Ungulani said that people should know where they are going, what they want, their plans and goals so that they would not be trapped in financial constrains that could end up causing stress.

Ms Ntsundeni Mulaudzi from Careways spoke comprehensively about the Stress Management. She explained different types of stresses and how to manage stress.

Ms Mulaudzi explained Stress as the body’s method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge or physical and psychological barrier. She indicated that stress is dangerous and can lead to depression. Most of the people are in denial and they do not seek help, as a result, they end up losing their lives. She advised people to seek help before it is too late.

She further explained the concept of stress management, which is a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person’s level of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for improving everyday functioning. Stress produces numerous physical and mental symptoms which vary according to an individual’s situational factors such as financial problems, career, relationship problems, academic schedule, health problems and personal habits.

She then concluded by outlining the stress management techniques which includes time management, personal responsibility, thinking positively, having faith, setting goals, effective communication, solving problems and staying physical and mentally healthily. She told the audience that stress has a way of destroying people’s organs inside and can also bring illnesses some of which can be chronic.

Participants engaging with the presenters during discussion and questions session

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