L-R: Mr Eugene van Jaarsveldt and Prof Bernard Nthambeleni

Forever Resorts South Africa agreed to host 10 of the University of Venda Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in Tourism Management students as a pilot initiative this year and this is demonstrably highly commendable consideration, and the University is proud by its motto for creating future leaders. The 10 students, enrolled in honours programmes will embark on their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) journey from July to December 2024. The University of Venda led by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Bernard Nthambeleni signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Forever Resorts South Africa led by its Managing Director, Mr Eugene van Jaarsveldt. The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, 07 May 2024 at Warmbaths Forever Resort. This MoU signing ceremony marks the inauguration of the WIL programme between Forever Resorts and the University of Venda. The Executive Dean Faculty of Management, Commerce and Law, Prof Modimowabarwa Kanyane in his message said it is with great significance that this occasion highlights a pivotal moment for the University, notably the Department of Tourism and Hospitality within the Faculty of Management, Commerce, and Law. The inception of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in Tourism Management dates back to the year 2002. Originally, an evident void existed within this programme, specifically the absence of a practical
element essential for exposing students to authentic work settings.

Prof Kanyane (on the left photo) indicated that by introducing WIL into our curriculum, the primary aim is to strategically motivate students to pursue potential careers to foster economic innovation and growth on local, national, and international fronts to be ahead of the curve. WIL substantially elevates students’ prospects of securing employment, as graduates who have undergone work-integrated learning are highly sought after by prospective employers due to their prior industry experience and connections. On behalf of the University of Venda, Prof Nthambeleni stated that he is privileged and honoured to witness this important moment and milestone in the history of our University and Forever Resorts South Africa. He said the University of Venda has long been a beacon of hope, a place where dreams take flight, and futures are shaped. Furthermore, Prof Nthambeleni stressed that the University stands tall as a testament to the power of education to transform lives and empower individuals to make a positive impact in society. He finally mentioned that our partnership with Forever Resorts is not only transactional but goes beyond the exchange of money towards contributing to the transformation of our society. In his remarks, the Managing Director of Forever Resorts explained that this memorandum symbolises more than just a formal agreement. It represents a shared commitment to excellence in education and professional development. He further said that through this collaboration,” we are laying the foundation for innovative initiatives that will enhance learning opportunities, foster academic growth and empower individuals to reach their fullest potential.” He continued to say “As we embark on this journey of collaboration, let us keep in mind the transformative impact our combined efforts can have on shaping the future of education and workforce development. Together we have the opportunity to break new ground, inspire positive change
and make meaningful contributions to society. When welcoming the guests the Training and Development Executive, Mr Andrew Mathebula (on the right photo above) highlighted that the signing ceremony marks a pivotal moment as we come together to solidify a partnership that holds immense promise for both institutions and the broader community, more
specifically Forever Academy, affectionately known as “The Hub of Knowledge.”

UNIVEN Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mr Botwe Kraziya (on the left photo) as he expressed a vote of thanks said the University is about providing an education that empowers

He said when he first met with Dennis he asked him ‘how can we have mutually beneficial activities that enrich both our organisations, which align with both our strategies? The signing of the MoU between these two institutions was an answer to the question. Mr Kraziya continued to express that this Work Integrated Learning will ensure that our graduates are relevant and marketable in the work environment. He concluded his talk by mentioning that this MoU is a clear indication that UNIVEN and Forever Resorts share similar
interests and values.

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