Members of the public in particular prospective students are informed that there is a notice of a scam doing rounds on social media titled ‘Internal late applications open’ in the name of the University of Venda. This notice further highlights that the University of Venda is calling all learners with 22+ APS score who are looking for guaranteed admission in certain courses at the cost of R500. The University of Venda distances itself from that notice and Members of the public are advised not to entertain that notice because it is a scam.

The University of Venda do not use WhatsApp to communicate with prospective students. Therefore, members of the public and prospective students are further advised not to pay anyone in exchange for guaranteed admission at the University of Venda.

Below is the process of admission and registration of students at the University of Venda:

(This information is also available on the University of Venda website)


The Higher Education Act of 1997 (Act No.101 of 1997) and the University of Venda Statute determine the admission, registration and examination of students, as well as issues of student discipline, while the accompanying regulations, framed by the Council of the University, prescribe the application of these legal instruments.


Admission of students

(a)  No person shall be enrolled for a module for any degree, diploma or certificate unless she/he has satisfied all the requirements as determined in the rules of the School concerned.
(b)  Subject to the provisions of the Act and of the Statute and these regulations, a student shall comply with the following requirements for admission:
(i) A person applying for admission as a student shall submit, together with his application form, testimonial of good conduct acceptable to the Council.
(ii) A person applying for admission as a student shall sit for an admission examination, if the Council so requires.
(iii) Before a student is permitted to register for a particular module, he may be required to submit satisfactory proof of good health.
(iv) A Student shall produce a matriculation certificate or exemption certificate referred to in the Act, or any other certificate which serves as a requirement for admission to a particular module of study, to the Registrar before 15 May of the year in which s/he is registered as a student for the first time, unless the Registrar grants him/her an extension of time.
(v) Any person who registers as a student at the University for the first time shall produce his/her identity document to the Registrar when s/he presents himself for registration.
(vi) A student shall after registration be subject to the rules and regulations applicable to students on and off the campus.
(vii) A student shall be registered when his application for admission as a student has been approved.
(viii) Residential arrangements made by students for the duration of the University year shall be subject to the approval of the Council.
(ix) Before a person has been registered as student, he may attend lectures only with the permission of the Registrar.

Admission to equivalent status

  1. Admit the graduate of any other university or university institution to a status at University equivalent to that which he possessed at such other university or university institution;
  2. Admit a candidate for the honours degree or for the degree of master or doctor of the University any person who, at any other university institution or at any university considered by the Senate to be equivalent to the University, has passed such examinations as in the opinion of the Senate 65 are equivalent to or higher than the examinations prescribed for a degree of the University which is a prerequisite for such honours.

Registration of and fees payable by students

  1. The Council may, after consultation with the Senate, prescribe the minimum requirements of study with which any person shall comply before he or she may be permitted: i) to register as a student of the University;
  2. To renew his/her registration as a student in accordance with subsection (3); or
  3. If he or she is registered as a student of the University, to attend or to continue to attend the University as a student.
  4. The fees payable by a student to the University shall be determined by the Council.
  5. Every person registered as a student of the University shall from time to time cause his or her registration as a student to be renewed in accordance with the Statute.
  6. The Council may refuse to renew the registration of a student applying therefor if such student fails to comply with the minimum study requirements contemplated in subsection (1)
  7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Statute, the Council may cancel the registration of a student if it considers such cancellation to be in the interest of the University: Provided that such cancellation shall be final and the Council shall if required furnish reasons therefor.
  8. The Council may, after consultation with the Senate, limit the number of persons who shall be permitted to register for any specific module of study and, where the number of applicants for admission to such a module of study exceeds the number so limited, the Senate may select from the number of applicants those who are to be admitted to register for such module.
  9. The rules relating to study programmes and syllabuses in regard to full-time and part-time studies shall be as determined by the Council on the recommendation of the Senate.
  10. The Council may refuse to admit or re-admit as a student of the University any person who applies for any such admission or re-admission if the Council considers it in the best interest of the University to do so and the Council shall furnish reasons for any such refusal.

Registration of students

  1. Every person registering as a student at the University must sign the official registration form or accept online rules and regulations, thereby binding himself or herself to such conditions and rules as the Council may determine.
  2. A person registered as a student of the University is registered for the ensuing academic year or semester or for such shorter period as may be determined by the Council after consultation with Senate generally or in any particular case.
  3. No person is enrolled for a module for any degree or diploma or certificate unless he or she has satisfied all the requirements laid down in the rules concerned.

Issued by:
Dr Takalani Dzaga-APR
Director Marketing, Branding and Communication
University of Venda
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Date: 10 January 2023

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