The University of Venda participated in a joint summer school at the Evangelische Hochschule (Lutheran University of Applied Sciences), Nuremberg. The Lutheran University of Applied Sciences and UNIVEN have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) which included joint summer school and exchange of staff and students. Four students from various departments and two staff members attended the summer school on: “Violence and Violence Prevention in South Africa and Germany.” The workshop took place from 02 to 07 December 2018 in Nuremberg.

The call for applications was opened on UNIVEN website for interested students to apply. The four students were selected based on merit and their previous involvement with the theme of the workshop. The Selection was jointly facilitated by the Community Engagement and International Relations Directorates. The programme was jointly funded by the Lutheran University of Applied Sciences, Community Engagement and International Relations Directorates.

UNIVEN students in Nuremberg: Mr Tshedza Sikhwari, Ms Michelle Ramugondo, Mr Wisani Nwankoti and Ms Dimphoo Mashile

The summer school focused on deliberative dialogue about community-based violence and prevention in South Africa and Germany. The study trip included several field visits for academic purpose at non-government institutions, NPOs and Historical monuments. It focused on sessions such as intervention for violence against women, intercultural learning, Ubuntu to Martin Buber and violence prevention in South African and German schools. The programme contained presentations by students and professors from both universities, public seminars, and site visits. The team which was led by Prof Vhonani Netshandama, Director Community Engagement comprised of Ms Mashile Dimphoo, Master’s student, Human Resource Management; Ms Ramugondo Michelle, Master’s student, African studies; Mr Sikhwari Tshedza, Master’s student, International Relations; Mr Nwankoti Wisani., Master’s student, African Studies and Dr Mabasa Allan who is a Lecturer in the Department Social work.

Some of the participants at the Summer school

The Evangelische Hochschule is a Christian university, with a Christian culture and perspectives. However, students from other religions are welcome to study at the University. UNIVEN delegation was welcomed to Nuremberg by Dr Helene Frau Wagner, Deputy Vice-Chancellor International Relations. The UNIVEN team also met with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Städtler-Mach during one of the seminars. The team visited Beratungsstelle des Frauenhauses, Frauenholzstr, which was an NGO that offers accommodation and shelter to the abused women and children and shelters people who live in the streets.

Participants at the Documentation Centre of Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The students visited the Documentation Centre of Nazi Party Rally Grounds where they learnt the way Nazi Party conducted violence against the Jews and how the global world retaliated to the formation of World War Two. They learnt that Language is a powerful weapon that promote violence.

Some of the participants at the Summer School

The participants acquired variety of skills and learnt a lot with regards to the German cultures. They learnt how to interact and live with people of different cultural backgrounds. They learnt the importance of time management and punctuality as they noticed that Germans are always punctual. The deliberative dialogue between UNIVEN and German Students was very productive. Students managed to interact and share various sentiments on the prevention of violence in South Africa and Germany.

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