Students showcasing the Maasai culture

On 20 October 2017, the University of Venda (Univen) hosted the Student Cultural event in a unique and exciting way at the University’s Auditorium.

Univen is comprised of students and staff members who come from various countries in Africa. This means that the University community is comprised of people who have diverse cultural backgrounds.

Mr Sumbana says events like this are part of their curriculum

A Lecturer in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Mr Fhatuwani Sumbana, said the purpose of the event is to celebrate cultural diversity within the School of Management Sciences. Mr Sumbana added that the event is also part of the curriculum. “We are practising what we do in the lecture halls,” Mr Sumbana said.

He stressed that culture can be an attraction. “Somebody can develop a business by attracting tourists through culture. We have students from Southern African Development Community (SADC) and we normally celebrate their culture,” Mr Sumbana added.

We are obliged and required to live according to the theory of Ubuntu- Dr Rannditsheni

In his keynote address, Rev Dean Dr Alunamutwe Rannditsheni, talked about the importance of heritage and cultural tourism. “We have inherited a noble culture for which we need to preserve for the many generations to come,” said Dr Rannditsheni.

“Whatever we have inherited from our fore-parents should not end up with this generation, we need to pass this to the next generation but in a good and better shape than the form in which we have received from the past generation. A nation without its past is a nation treading to the drain and it will be difficult to restore.”

Dr Rannditsheni said Univen is obliged and required to live according to the theory of Ubuntu which advocates togetherness and working as one although we differ in one way or another. “Without Ubuntu, this University will not be able to produce people who are solution-oriented but people who will cause harm, disorder and wipe out everything our fore-parents have achieved during their time,” Dr Rannditsheni echoed.

Dr Rannditsheni further expressed that the University community that do not hold to the principle of Ubuntu finds itself in a situation where people are fighting with each other.
He concluded by saying that cultural diversity should not be a key for people to hate one another, but a glue to stick us together.

Mr Machavi says the South African National Parks offers many career opportunities

“The heritage that we preserve in our country is also about wildlife,” said Mr Jeremiah Machavi from South African National Parks.

Mr Machavi was speaking about career opportunities that South African National Parks offer. Mr Machavi said there are different careers within South African National Parks which includes park manager, nature conservator, conservation planner, field ranger, law enforcement officer, wildlife veterinarian and social ecologist.
Mr Machavi encouraged students to have passion for their careers. “You must know what you want. When you choose careers, know your interest, personality and values,” Mr Machavi added.

Mr Maphaha encouraged students to always strive to know more about tourism

Mr Tshimangadzo Maphaha from Ivory Route Tours said careers in tourism are all about information. He advised interested people to research about tourism for their own benefit because this will help them in future.

Judges and some of the participants’ queue to taste food

There were cultural presentations, food testing, and cultural performance from Indian, Muslim, Maasai and Nigerian cultures.

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