On 02 October 2017, the University of Venda (Univen)’s Department of Social Work hosted the welcoming function of HAWK University delegation. The welcome function took place at the University’s Art Gallery, Univen. The welcome function was followed by the seminar programme of people living with disabilities on Tuesday, 03 October 2017.

Three staff members and 12 students from HAWK enjoyed their stay at Univen from 02 to 10 October 2017.

You should have respect for elders- Dr Elelwani Ramaite

Art Gallery Co-ordinator, Dr Elelwani Ramaite-Mafadza, advised the delegation that they will be expected to have a code of respect for the elders. “You have to add prefix Vho- to the name of an adult person to show respect. You also have to respect the royalty people. You should know how to communicate when you go to these villages,” she added.

Ms Maas orating the importance of Univen and HAWK collaboration.

Ms Caroline Elisabeth Maas from HAWK University said this year they decided to focus on clients with disabilities. “We are here for the fourth time and we feel welcomed. We want to keep this collaboration alive because it is important to both partnering universities,” Ms Maas added.

No one can take the knowledge that you have – Wisani Baloyi

The Chairperson of Social Work Student Association (SOWOSA), Wisani Baloyi encouraged students to use the opportunity as a way of knowledge exchange.

Disabled or not, together we are a family – Dr Glory Lekganyane.

“Living with disability is not a sin or either a punishment. Let us not deny those living with disabilities a latitude to live a normal and protected life just like everyone”, said Dr Glory Lekganyane, a Lecturer at Univen’s Department of Social Work. Dr Lekganyane told social work students of both universities that it is in their hands to change the bad ideology of the community towards disabled people. She further encouraged all students to exchange ideas towards the idea of accommodating disabled people.

Neo Ramabula, guiding other students towards policies and legislatures of people with disabilities.

Neo Ramabula, a second year student of Bachelor of Arts Social Work at Univen, told Hawk and her fellow students to succor those who need help towards the knowledge of rights and legislations of people living with disabilities. “Back then there were no policies that were protecting the rights of people with disabilities. However, now we have policies and legislations for people living with disabilities, let us guide them towards the practice of their rights,” Neo uttered.

Let’s empower disabled people with leadership skills – Derrick Khosa

Derrick Khosa, a social work student at Univen, encouraged participants to develop their communities through sensitization and awareness campaigns. He further outlined some of the solutions towards helping those living with disabilities to discover and make use of their skills. “Let us empower disabled people with leadership skills. This is the time to help those who are discouraged by stigma to discover their creativity and skills. Social workers, let us play our roles effectively and help those in need”, he said.

HAWK students during their disability and implementation of policies presentation.

Prof Maike Schmieta, encouraging social work students to never give up in helping those who need help.

Prof Maike Schmieta, a lecturer and researcher from HAWK University in Germany, Social Work Department, expressed her great gratitude to Univen and Hawk University students, social work lecturers and all who contributed to the success of the programme.

Univen’s Dean of School of Human and Social Sciences, Lecturers, Social Work Students and Delegates from HAWK University posing for a group photo.

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