The list details students who are funded by NSFAS as at 1 June 2021 (NBA tab), Click here to Download the Univen NSFAS Bursary Agreement report (pdf)

We received the NBA list from NSFAS and the list will be the basis for the payments of allowances as well as confirming to landlords as to who is funded or not.

Students not on the attached list will not be paid any allowance.

Some of the reasons for not being included in the NBA include:

  • NSFAS may not have finalized their funding or they are just not funded – such students must just wait
  • Enrolled for qualification not recognized by NSFAS – such students must just wait or approach their various schools as there is nothing my office can do on the matter
  • Late registrations after 18 May 2021, wherein NSFAS is still processing the data – such students must just wait
  • Special exams wherein NSFAS has only processed the 1st batch of results – such students must just wait
  • Affected by the 2020 NBA challenges – work in progress from 485 to 172 students still affected
  • Appeals – such students must just wait, as appeals are still being processed by NSFAS
  • No banking details –  banking details are being captured for all those who submitted. Any late submissions will be processed after the June payment
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