The 2018 registration process for first entering and returning students at the University of Venda (Univen) commenced on Monday, 08 January 2018. Unlike previous years, this year, a lot of memories have been created and challenges emerged. The 2018 first entering students who are now known as ‘first time entrants’ (FTEN) students on the other hand have made history by being the first group to receive free tertiary education. This is the reason behind the challenges and memories that were made during the 2018 admission and registration process.

The core of the issue: Mr Mpfariseni Ligudu explaining the challenges that they overcame during the 2018 selection and registration processes
Mr Mpfariseni Ligudu, Assistant Registrar said “prior to re-opening of the University, Student Administration Section had the opportunity of selecting and admitting students who applied for admission before the closing date in 2017 academic year.” He added that, when the provincial matric results were announced on Friday, 05 January 2018, the University auto-selected applicants and sent messages to admitted students, inviting them to register online from Monday 08 January to Friday 19 January 2018.

Mr Ligudu highlighted that, during the 2018 registration processes, unusual challenges emerged. One of the challenges that he pointed out is that, there is limited space for first entering students. Univen had received 24 000 applications for the year 2018 for only 3100 spaces for new students.

Patiently waiting: Prospective students on the queue to receive acceptance letters in the Auditorium in order for them to register

Getting to the point of clarity: Dr Robert Martin engaging with student assistants and members of the SRC regarding registration processes

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Operations, Dr Robert Martin has, on Monday, 15 January visited the registration site to check whether everything was going according to the way it was planned, especially registrations of first entering students. The DVC Operations said he was impressed with the way everything was handled during this tough time of the academic calendar.

Useful information: Mapaseka Mokgaphane, Minister of Information providing clarity about late online application to prospective students

Mapaseka Mokgaphane, a 3rd level Univen student who is the Minister of Information said that, during the 2018 selection, admission and registration of first entering students things went according to the plan. She said everything was running smoothly. “What is most exciting this year is to see students smiling because they got what they wanted and waiting for many years, that is, free education at last. This has made the disadvantaged students who come from poor background to access education like every citizen of this country.” Mokgaphane maintained that those who did not apply were given a window for late application.

“Everyone has the right to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make available and accessible.

A smile to remember: Nthabeleng Kwinda is delighted to be a Univen registered student

Nthabeleng Kwinda, one of the 3100 students who managed to register at Univen is excited about being a registered student. “I am currently registered for a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences.” “I was desperate to be a registered student of the University of Venda.”

Kwinda further added that she always accept challenges and believes in positivity. “Throughout the process of registration, I have learned that, it is not all the time when you get what you want in life. People should learn to accept what is available because God knows our future. He cannot give us things that we cannot be able to handle. Kwinda is one of the students who will receive free education.

First entering and returning students on registration queue

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