The University of Venda’s Council members, Finance Committee, Senior Management, Institutional Forum, Union representatives and SRC members gathered at 2Ten Hotel on Thursday, 31 May 2018 for the Advancement Unit multi-stakeholder workshop.

The workshop aimed at structuring the Advancement Unit as well as coming up with plausible strategies, objectives and aims that will help strengthen and ensure the success of the Unit and ultimately that of the University.

In her opening and welcome remarks, the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Senior Professor Base Khoza shared with the audience that the Advancement Unit will have the primary role of building relationship with the corporate world and other strategic stakeholders for the purpose of generating support for the University’s strategic objectives. The University will sustain the Unit as a means of third stream income.

Dr Robert Martin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Operations, highlighted in his speech the financial predicaments that the University finds itself in and the importance of having a sustainable 3rd Stream Income Generation Unit. He also said despite all the challenges, the University is at an exciting stage of bringing about innovation. As part of the strategies to be used by the Advancement Unit, Dr Martin emphasised the importance of narrating the story of the University of Venda to trigger the attention of donors that fit into the agenda of the University to solicit their support.

Furthermore, he cautioned the audience on the tribulations that can occur when a University accepts gifts from all donors and being associated with everyone. “The value, public perception and governance of the University must match those of the donors” said Dr Martin, in light of keeping a spotless image of the University when seeking support from donors.

The Director Communications and Marketing, Takalani Dzaga’s presentation dwelled much on the aims and objectives of the Advancement Unit and how it will help ensure resource sustainability for the University in the long run. One of the few aims of the Unit was that it will be able to secure additional funds for capital projects that will have significant impact on improving Univen’s academic project and the quality of student’s life.
Mr Dzaga also presented the proposed organogram of the Advancement Unit. He further shared with the audience the elements that are essential for an effective and sustainable Advancement Unit. He concluded his presentation by reiterating that the Advancement Unit is best suited under the Department of Communications and Marketing since Advancement mainly has to do with telling a positive story about the University in order to attract support.

Adv Nemukula, representing Adv Edward Lambani, the Director Legal Services, presented the Advancement Unit Governance Structure composition and Terms of Reference. This includes the imperatives of corporate governance.

The President of Convocation, Mr Levy Ndou presented the role of Convocation and Alumni in resource mobilisation and pledged to uphold the role. He opened his presentation by highlighting the challenges the University of Venda has encountered and continuously face, as a rural based University. One of the plans by Convocation is to work closely with influential alumni in society to partake and donate to the University.

Mr Kennedy Maimela, Chairperson of HR Committee, who was also the Facilitator of the programme, shared with the audience, the salient components of the Advancement Unit Strategic Plan. He reflected on the vision, the mission, principle and values. He advised the audience to have SWOT analysis, TOWS analysis, Annual Performance Plan, Negative Matrix as well as the Cause Effect Analysis to ensure the successful governance and success of the Advancement Unit.

In between presentations, inputs to ensure an effective Advancement Unit from the participants came in the form of questions, comments and critiques. The over-all attendance and participation demonstrated overwhelming support and buy-in from strategic stakeholders. The participants were grateful that the support from strategic stakeholders would indeed strengthen the University of Venda’s Advancement Unit for sustainable 3rd Stream income generation.
When proposing vote of thanks, Ms Salome Makgoka, Member of Council, pledged that the University Council fully supports the Advancement Unit initiative and she urged other stakeholders to work diligently to ensure sustainability of the Unit.

Issued by:
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Date: 01 June 2018

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