Two University of Venda members have been appointed to the executive committee and board of the Study in Africa initiative. The launch of the Study in Africa initiative occurred on 3 July 2024 at Kigali, Rwanda, during the 2024 ICEF Africa Conference. Dr Segun Obadire, Director of International Relations and Partnerships has been elected Head of Events and Conferences. His extensive experience and dedication to the academic community will undoubtedly contribute to the initiative’s success. In his new role, Dr Obadire will oversee the organisation and execution of events and conferences to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among institutions

Mphinyana Nemasitoni, experienced in communication, marketing and student recruitment, has been appointed the Head of Student Recruitment and Enrolment. His role will be crucial in the development and execution of effective student recruitment strategy, retention, and enrolment, driving the initiative’s efforts to attract and enrol students from worldwide to Africa, ensuring that the African continent educational institutions’ recruitment remains competitive on the global stage.

Study in Africa is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to bridge the gap between African universi-ties and other institutions of higher learning worldwide and the vibrant student market in Africa. It provides tailored solutions that empower institutions to attract top talent to Africa while assisting universities within the continent in expanding their reach internationally. By focusing on student recruitment and strategic partnerships, Study in Africa aims to create a robust network of educa-tional opportunities that benefit both students and institutions, empowering them to shape the future of education.
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