On Wednesday, 15 June 2022, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Student Housing Unit, under the Department of Student Affairs held a Plant a Tree Initiative at DBSA New Female Student Residence. This is the largest UNIVEN residence on-campus accommodation that accommodates a capacity of 904 students. The event was a partnership between Student Housing Unit and Green Campus Initiative (GCI) which is a student and staff led organisation under the Department of Student Affairs. GCI was launched at ICC Durban under COP 17 on 25 August 2012 with the aim of creating an eco-friendly lifestyle in the institutions. Its main objective is to create environmental sustainability and bring awareness to students about climate change and most importantly, to promote residences to be conducive environment for living. 

Ms Ndivhudza Mudau

 As she welcomes the participants and outlines the purpose of the event, Ms Ndivhudza Mudau said, as a Department, they want to ensure that students have a sense of belonging in the residences, “we want them to have a home away from home feeling.” The Student Affairs Department realised that with the Plant a Tree initiative, they will be able to transform the environment and play a key role to the students. 

The main purpose of this event was to engage with UNIVEN community about the significance of planting trees and to create awareness to students and staff members to be environmentally conscious. 

Above photo: Adv Edward Lambani (holding a spade) and Mr Khamusi Nefhere next to a newly planted Olive tree

The University Registrar, Advocate Edward Lambani mentioned that UNIVEN was established in a very green environment. It was called “minngoni” because the place was full of Mango trees. Five trees were planted and Adv Lambani, on behalf of the University planted the Wild Olive (Mutwari) tree. “Let us rejoice in the green of our campus”, he concluded. Other trees that were planted are Natal Mahogany (Mutshikili); Cape Ash (Mutobvuma); Karee (Mushakaladza) and Fever tree (Munzhelenga).

Above photo: Students planting a tree

SRC Secretary General – Junior Magagula

The SRC Secretary General, Junior Magagula said this is a great initiative and encouraged students to do likewise. Mr Magagula suggested that other residences including off campus accredited residences should follow suit.

Other messages of support came from the Director Student Affairs, Mr Azwidowi Mukheli; Grounds Units represented by Mr Khamusi Nefhere; Housing Representative Committee (HRC) was represented by Mr Luthingi Vhutshilo, and Vhembe Biosphere Reserve was also represented by Ms Rerani Ramaano.

Mr Mfaniseni Mnguni – Chief Clerk Hostel Warden: Student Housing Unit – Department of Student Affairs

The programme was facilitated by Mr Mfaniseni Mnguni, who is the Chief Clerk Hostel Warden: Student Housing Unit under the Department of Student Affairs.

Above photo: VBR Youth Network Chairperson, Mr Ntakuseni Godzwana holding the tree that he was about to plant

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Date: 27 June 2022 

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