In November 2020, a case of assault was reported by a female student to the University management. Due to the serious attention that the University management places on cases of gender-based violence, the incident was swiftly investigated, and assault charges were preferred against the perpetrator who is also a student at the University of Venda, Mr Mahlori Tycoon Sangweni Mchavi. 

Mr Mchavi was subjected to disciplinary processes in line with the University of Venda rules and regulations wherein he was found guilty as charged by the Disciplinary Committee and given a sanction of 36 months (3 years) suspension from the University. 

Mr Mchavi appealed the verdict of the Disciplinary Committee through the University of Venda Appeal’s Committee of Council. His appeal was unsuccessful. At its meeting of the 30th April 2021, the University of Venda Council confirmed the sanction imposed by the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee of 36 months suspension from the University. 

The implication of the sanction is that Mr Mchavi will not be allowed to register with the University of Venda for the next coming three years. 

The University of Venda management has commended the team for the speedy adjudication of the matter and pledged its utmost support to the Legal and Protection Services in ensuring that no misconduct of any nature within the institution goes unattended, and Mr Mchavi’s case is one such example from which many other students should learn. 

Issued by: 

Dr Takalani Dzaga, APR 

Director, Marketing, Branding and Communication 

University of Venda 

Tel: 015 962 8112/8525 or 082 745 3090 
28 May 2021 

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