Ms Avhavhudzani Virginia Mantsha is a Lexicographer at the Tshivenḓa National Lexicography Unit. She has worked for over 13 years in the higher education sector. She specialises in Lexicography and has published extensively in peer reviewed and accredited journals. Among her recent publications are:

  • LE Mphasha, SL Tshikota & AV Mantsha, 2020 Respect in the Upbringing of a Muvena Child: A Continuous Application of the Fifth Commandment Gender & Behaviour, Vol. 18 (4) Ife Centre for Psychological Studies/Services Ile-ife, Nigeria.
  • LE Mphasha, SL Tshikota, AV Mantsha & TP Ṋetshiḓongololwe, 2021 The Cultural Forms of Expression in Northern Sotho Gender & Behaviour, Vol. 19 No 1. Ife Centre for Psychological Studies/Services Ile-ife, Nigeria.
  • Tshikota SL, ME Takalani, NT Mukundamago & AV Mantsha, 2017. The Official Foundation Phase CAPS English-Tshivenḓa Picture Dictionary, Grade R-3. South African: South African Heritage Publishers.

Department: Tshivenḓa National Lexicography Unit
Designation: Lexicographer
Qualifications: BA, UED, BA(Hons) (Univen), MA (UL), Computer Diploma (Techniven)
Phone: +2715 962 8327
Office No: 04, Old Tech Building

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