Prof Yoshan Moodley, B2-Rated is a South African evolutionary biologist. He joined the University of Venda as a full professor in 2015 after working for twelve years as a scientist at several prestigious European institutions. In 2016 he was awarded his first NRF rating of C1, denoting his standing as an established researcher with international standing. Over the past five years, Moodley has consolidated his achievements in Europe, producing an outstanding series of highly impactful research in his field of evolutionary genetics. Prof Moodley recently came up for scientific re-evaluation, and it is the pleasure of the University of Venda to announce that the NRF now considers him as a scientist with considerable international standing and have awarded him a B2 rating. Among his recent research papers, for which he had a leading or significant role, feature world-renowned scientific journals like Nature, Science, Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences of the USA and Molecular Biology and Evolution. At the same time, Prof Moodley also developed a series of excellent undergraduate and honours teaching modules in evolutionary biology, which were designed to give UNIVEN Biological Sciences graduates a deeper, more holistic appreciation of science, life, and nature. His achievements since he has been with UNIVEN have helped place the University of Venda as a leading institution for evolutionary research in the republic. We wish Professor Moodley continued success in his research.

Rating: B2
Rating category: Internationally acclaimed researcher
Research Specialization: Molecular Ecology, Evolutionary Genetics, Phylogeography, Microbial Evolution, Genomics, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics

Designation: Professor
Telephone: 015 962 8000
Office: LIFE SCIENCES Building

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