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Univen has embarked on an ambitious ‘Smart Campus’ project which will guide its future information and communication technology roll-out. With the anticipated growth to 10Gbps broadband on campus, it is clear that a number of our academic and operational processes will be information communications technology driven for greater efficiency.

Univen believes that the adoption of information communications technology is as integral to the academic project as the physical infrastructure. The need for increased capital funding and investment in technological systems and infrastructure development and maintenance is a high priority and is central to Univen’s strategic and capital plans. Smart lecture halls and online payment, application and registration are being refined for full implementation in the near future.
Achievements in the past eight years include the adoption of the ‘ICT Smart Campus’ project as an important differentiator from other regional universities. Univen has moved its information communications technology operations to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure and StoreSimple.
In 2015, we provided all undergraduates, honours and masters students with a Windows tablet loaded with various features and software, including Office 365, 1gig memory and a 16gig hard drive, drawn from Cloud.
PhD students have been provided with laptops to support their research. A Wi-Fi network has been installed, with several connection points around the campus. The university’s bandwidth has witnessed tremendous growth in the past eight years, from a mere 8Mbps in 2008 to 1Gig from July 2015. Our bandwidth is expected to grow to 10Gig before the end of 2015.


Provide university-wide access to, and usage of information, communication technology to enhance the position of Univen as academic center of excellence and advance Univen’s strategic objectives and goals through the proactive and careful application of solutions that embrace forward-looking technology in a culture of best practice, quality and service excellence”.


“to provide high quality, reliable, and responsive information and instructional technology support services to the University community that are consistent with the strategic planning process of the University”.


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