Dear Colleagues and Students,

The Campus France office in South Africa has organised a series of webinars over the past 2 years, connecting South African students with universities in France, specifically at Masters level (for programmes taught in English). From the increased quality and variety of applications for the French Embassy’s scholarship programme for studies in France, it is clear that the webinars have been successful!

In an effort to encourage more students from diverse backgrounds to apply to study in France and for the scholarship from the Embassy, we are very pleased to continue the webinar series this year. Campus France will host a webinar each Wednesday at lunchtime (12:00 or 13:00), until mid-October, which coincides with the application period for the scholarship programme (12 April to 16 October) for the 2023 academic year in France.

These webinars are directed at undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, in order to encourage them to consider studying a Master’s degree in France, or completing a joint-PhD (cotutelle) between their home institution in South African and a French institution of higher education.

The format of these webinars includes:
Brief introduction to the system of higher education in France
Presentation of the French Embassy’s scholarship programme
Presentation of one or more Master’s programmes taught in English at a higher education institution in France

Questions and answers

The upcoming webinars for April are as follows:

30 March at 12:00 – ONIRIS (National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering)

06 April at 12:00 – University Grenoble Alpes

13 April at 13:00 – Nantes University

20 April at 12:00 – Toulouse INP (Institut National Polytechnique)

Please relay this information to students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
For future events and webinars, students can refer to the calendar on the Campus France South Africa website.

Best regards,
Responsable Campus France | Afrique du Sud
Campus France Manager | South Africa

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