On Friday, 10 May 2024, the Department of Accountancy, together with the Association for Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA) Limpopo Education Committee, organised a welcome session for the newly appointed interim board members of the ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter. The session was held at the University of Venda (UNIVEN). Apart from introducing the ABASA UNIVEN 2024 interim board; the session also sought to enhance the board members’ collaboration with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) members. Such a collaboration will provide insight into the possible career paths for BCOM in Accounting general and BCOM in Accounting Sciences for UNIVEN students. This event is in line with several Faculty of Management Commerce and Law’s Strategic Objectives (SO), including the following:
• To enhance student well-being and success (SO1).
• To strengthen the engagement of students, staff, and community stakeholders (SO3).
• To develop an entrepreneurial culture (SO6).
• To strengthen the University’s local, regional, and international profile and visibility (SO15).

ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter’s Special Guest, Dr Arthur Reynolds, a senior lecturer at the University of Venda, thanked the UNIVEN ABASA Interim Board for the invitation as a special guest. Dr Arthur Reynolds challenged students to explore different career paths within the accounting profession. He encouraged students to follow career paths that
align with their interests. Students must pursue scarce accountancy specialisations that will guarantee employment at the end of their studies and ensure they will be happy with their work. During his speech, he also advised students to continuously learn starting at a younger age as this will set them apart from other graduates in future. “In 2019, when I secured employment here at the University of Venda (UNIVEN), I was competing with other potential candidates who were CA(SA)s, but my doctorate in Accounting set me apart from
others, and I ended up getting an employment here”, said Dr Arthur Reynolds when emphasising on the importance of continuous learning. When concluding, Dr Reynolds advised the students to use vocational work opportunities as these could be opportunities to learn about the cultures and working environment of their potential employers. He encouraged students to pursue postgraduate and professional qualifications, such as the PGDA/CTA, SAICA, ACCA, CIMA, SAIGA, and SAIPA. Dr Reynolds told the students that UNIVEN is working on Postgraduate (CTA), ACCA, CIMA, SAIGA and SAIPA accreditation. He believes that these accreditations will be a game changer for UNIVEN students. Also present in the event was Mr Peter Munyai, the ABASA Limpopo Representative, ‘An Associate of General Accountant South Africa AGA(SA),” and Founder and Managing Director of Zone Incorporation, a firm specialising in Taxation and Accounting Advisory Services. He awarded prizes to students who answered his questions correctly as a way of motivating them. He also encouraged students to recruit other students who are in the accounting stream to join ABASA as this could be a better opportunity for students to guarantee traineeships/internships at the end of their studies as ABASA has signed a MoU to partner with FASSET to provide internships to ABASA members after completion of their undergraduate studies. Mr Peter Munyai supported Dr Arthur Reynolds’s recommendation regarding vocational work opportunities as this could be opportunities for students to create a good impression on their future employers, which might result in a better chance of finding employment at the same company after completing their studies. He continued to assure the UNIVEN Faculty of Management, Commerce and Law (FMCL) Faculty Chairperson that ABASA not only focuses on advancing black accountants in terms of employment, but it also encourages advancement in black entrepreneurship.

The Chairperson of the Faculty of Management, Commerce and Law, Mr Vusi Karabo Mokoena, thanked the ABASA UNIVEN Student Chapter for the invitation. In his speech, he mentioned that he is grateful for the good work that ABASA is doing specifically for UNIVEN students, as they are being equipped with mindsets of being employers rather than employees. He believes that UNIVEN students will be great future leaders with these mindsets.

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