In the year 2019, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Accountancy Department participated in transformation of the profession. Despite the COVID-19 constraints, the Department made it possible to proceed with its mission even in 2020.

UNIVEN academic trainees (1st Row L-R) Ms Uhone Ndou and Ms Mukondeleli Tshivule and the Thuthuka Project Assistant (R) Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi ready for the stationery drive presentations
In October 2020, the Department started off with its Stationery drive that was initiated and executed by South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) Academic Trainees of 2020. SAICA Academic Trainees are the first-year trainee accountants that opted to obtain some of their competencies in academia as opposed to the audit firms or other companies for one of their three years in the CA training programme.

The academic trainees initiated a “Matric 2020 Stationery Drive” which aimed at collecting stationery donations from the Accountancy Department and from Accountancy students. The proceeds from the drive were used to buy stationery which was then donated to Marude Secondary school’s class of 2020 in Thohoyandou.
Left: Each learner received a stationery and snack pack which included a revision notebook, plastic sleeve, four pens, two pencils, ruler, eraser, two masks, and snacks.
Right: Packed stationery packages ready to be delivered. “The main objective of this initiative was to give our students an opportunity to give back to the community through motivating grade 12 learners as they were due to sit for the final examinations from 05 November,” said Ms Mukondeleli Tshivule who is one of the Academic Trainees.

Top Left photo: Mr Mutshidzi Raphulu, an accounting sciences second year student addressing learners as he revived the interest and curiosity about the University experience.

Bottom Left photo: Marude Grade 12 learners listening attentively to Ms Uhone Ndou’s presentation on the journey of becoming a CA(SA).

Right photo; L-R: Mr Ambani Tshikovhi CA(SA), Ms Mukondeleli Tshivule, Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi and Mr Nditsheni Tshithavhane CA(SA)RA after their presentation at Khwevha Commercial School.

The successful execution of the Stationery drive proved that the transformation mission is possible even during the National Lockdown. The Department took it as a sign to visit other schools, despite being the time when learners were writing their final examinations.

Mr Nditsheni Tshithavhane CA(SA)RA, Senior Lecturer at UNIVEN presented about the available opportunities at the University’s Accountancy Department. Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi addressed learners on career related matters and making career choices and most importantly the funding opportunities available at UNIVEN, especially in the Accountancy Department. Mr Ambani Tshikovhi CA(SA) stressed out the requirements needed for one to be offered such opportunities.

Within a week, the team reached out to Bababa Secondary School at Ha-Luvhimbi village and presented to the grade 10 to 12 learners majoring in Mathematics. Over and above marketing the Accountancy Departmental programmes, this visit was also used as an opportunity for learners to receive career guidance as well as assistance on how to apply at UNIVEN.

Dr Freddy Munzhelele (Standing), also a senior lecturer and a Thuthuka Project Manager presented on the funding opportunities available for students enrolled for the Accounting Sciences degree.
Ms Mukondeleli Tshivule’s presentation focused on the importance of studying and enduring Mathematics through to grade 12. She then took the chance to motivate learners through questioning and reminding them about the reason why they should work hard and pass with good marks.

Secondary Schools that were visited showed their appreciation and requested the Accountancy Department to visit again. The Accountancy Department is positive that the outcome of these engagements will assist in refining the work and commits to continue partaking in such engagements.

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Date: 07 December 2020

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