The University of Venda has been actively participating in several accountancy’s transformational projects by South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). The transformational projects are aimed at redressing the imbalances of the past thereby promoting and making the chartered accountancy profession more accessible to rural and predominantly black communities. More specifically, the community projects include career outreaches, winter camps for matric learners and motivational speaking gatherings, all these taking place at identified locations and schools at different districts and regions in South Africa. 

The team ready for presentation – L-R; Mr Ambani Tshikovhi, Ms Caroline Shavhani and Mr Freddy Munzhelele. On the far right is Ms Caroline Shavhani addressing the learners about CA 2025. 

In this regard, Mr Freddy Munzhelele, Mr Ambani Tshikovhi CA (SA) and Ms Caroline Shavhani CA (SA), all senior lecturers in the Department of Accountancy were invited and attended the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and SAICA’s matric learners camp at Bochum, Blouberg Municipality on 18 June 2019. In his capacity as Univen Thuthuka and ISFAP Project Manager, Mr Munzhelele presented on UNIVEN’s academic offerings programmes in the Department of Accountancy and funding opportunities. Mr Tshikovhi and Ms Shavhani presented on the journey to become a CA (SA), being ethical as a CA(SA) and as an individual, BCom (Accounting Sciences) requirements at University of Venda and CA2025 expectations respectively. 

L-R: Ms Caroline Shavhani, Ms Arinao Madzunye and Ms Shumani Nembudani

Ms Arinao Madzunye, Caroline Shavhani and Shumani Nembudani CA (SA) attended a SAICA organised Winter Learners’ camps at Prestige College in Hammanskraal on 4 July 2019. In Pretoria, Ms. Madzunye, the first candidate to serve as the Academic Trainee Accountant in the UNIVEN’s Department of Accountancy presented on the demand and commitment required of students pursuing a career in chartered accountancy, both Ms Shavhani and Ms Nembudani together presented on the CA2025 expectations and rewarding career of chartered accountancy. On the same day, they proceeded to Living Waters in Hammanskraal where they participated in a round-table dinner by sharing accountancy stories with grade 10 learners. 

On Friday 26 July 2019, Mr Ambani Tshikovhi, Ms Caroline Shavhani, Ms Shumani Nembudani and Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi attended another SAICA’s learners outreach and career awareness event at Khwevha Commercial High School at Shayandima. The event was well attended by school’s SGB and parents as well. They presented on the journey to become a Chartered Accountant. Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi who is UNIVEN’s Thuthuka Project Assistant, presented on departmental offerings and funding opportunities. 

Above: Parents and students of grade 9 and 8 learners at Khwevha Commercial high school listening attentively to the Senior lecturers of the University of Venda addressing and emphasising the importance of learners to study pure Mathematics when they start their grade 10. 

L-R: Mr Ambani Tshikovhi, Ms Shumani Nembudani, Ms Thizwilondi Nekhubvi and Ms Caroline Shavhani all from the University of Venda within the Department of Accountancy 

“Participating in these events has been very exciting and developmental for us in terms of taking the learning and information to the communities and rural, as well as the experience we are getting by engaging with different communities and stakeholders”, says Mr Munzhelele. 

“These events together with UNIVEN organised career exhibition are serving well as platforms to market our SAICA’s recently accredited BCom (Accounting Sciences)”, said Prof Oseifuah, HoD: Department of Accountancy 

Issued by: Department of Communications & Marketing 

University of Venda 

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Date: 05 August 2019 

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