Chief Nkhumbuleni Ratshitanga of Ngulumbi Village, who is the Head of IT Support Services since 2009, at the University of Venda has received his Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in Business Information Systems during the morning session of UNIVEN 2021 Spring Graduation Ceremonies. 

UNIVEN’s Head of IT Support Services, Chief Nkhumbuleni Ratshitanga graduating a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Information Systems at UNIVEN

The topic of his study is “A Systems Perspective to Implement IT Governance.” His study focused on ensuring the alignment of information and communication technology (ICT) and the organisational activities as it is critical for ensuring that ICT enables the organisation to attain its strategic objectives. His study further identifies IT governance (ITG) mechanisms and their roles. 

Chief Ratshitanga expressed that, during his study, he discovered that, people from the surrounding communities had an influence on shape and look of one’s future. “Our 

parents and the Ratshitanga family gave us a great foundation. My wife and our children continue to remind me of the fact that I am born to achieve”. He said he walks and works with giants in the information and communication technology (ICT) arena at the University of Venda and he always interact and learn from the diverse “top-of-the-game” talents and leaders at the University and within the community that he leads. “For instance, I was once a member of the University Council, which is the highest decision-making body of the University. I have learned a lot from being part of the University Council and I will continue learning,” he said. 

He started schooling in 1978 at Luvhalani Junior Primary School which is based in Tshakhuma. He then progressed to Phiphidi and Tshimbiluni Senior Primary Schools respectively. In 1985, Chief Ratshitanga started Standard six (6) at Guvhukuvhu Secondary School, he proceeded to Standard eight (8) and ten (10) at Mbilwi Senior Secondary School where he passed Standard 10 (Grade 12) in 1990. 

In 1991, he enrolled for a degree in Computer Science at the University of the North, currently known as the University of Limpopo (UL). In the same year (1991), he failed all the courses/modules. “However, I did not give up. I thank my parents for encouraging me to stick on my dreams. I then graduated in 1994,” he said. In 1995 Chief Ratshitanga enrolled for Higher Education Diploma (H.E.D) and in 1996 enrolled for B.Sc. (Hons) at UL. In 2006, he registered for Master of Public Management at UNIVEN. 

“I am considered and valued as a great motivational speaker by the local communities, and I encourage people to set goals and work on them until they achieve their goals. I have been to Phalaphala FM on several occasions, preaching the ‘never give up’ message. I would go from one school to the other reminding learners about the benefits of prioritising their studies. Hence, this doctorate degree put me in a better platform in this regard,” added Chief Ratshitanga. He enrolled for a PhD in Business Information Systems in 2018 and worked on it without giving up. He mentioned that, from his experience, he thinks that he is in a better position to tell people that real success comes after a series of hard work, quick wins, and disappointments. 

Chief Ratshitanga joined UNIVEN in 1996, as a Teaching Assistant in the then School of Maths and Natural Sciences. A year later he joined the Department of ICT Services. “I am also a member of the University ICT Steering Committee. From 2017 to 2018 I worked as the Acting Director ICT Services. I also interacted and liaised with the Audit Committee and Risk Management Committees.” Furthermore, Chief Ratshitanga also attended Council meetings as ICT resources person. In 2008 he was elected as the Chairperson of the University of Venda Admin Staff Constituency where he represented the constituency on Council. 

He plays a leadership role as Vhamusanda (Chief) of the Ngulumbi village under the Tshivhase dynasty. In all these leadership positions, he is also expected to perform his duties without compromising the expected quality of service. He has achieved success through scheduling, prioritising, and delegating responsibilities. In 2009 he pioneered the building of the Ngulumbi Nyaphophi Community Library. In 2014, he founded the Mighty Power Christian Ministries. 

“When the announcement about completing my PhD was made, I didn’t know what I should do to express my joy. However, I ended up crying. It was indeed a long but worth to-take journey. The study equipped me with some of the following competencies: research skills; patience and determination focus and goal-oriented mentality. You are your achievements. Today, I am called Dr. Nkhumbuleni Ratshitanga because I have achieved a doctorate qualification,” he concluded. 

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Date: 24 November 2021 

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