“Not all friends have our destiny at heart,” said Prof Mokgale Makgopa, Univen’s Dean of School of Human and Social Sciences addressing a hall filled with more than 1000 learners on Friday, 11 August 2017 at Lenyenye Community Hall during careers day.

Learners packed Lenyenye Community Hall and enjoying talks form the invited guests

Prof Makgopa warned learners hailing from the local 12 high schools from Thabiina, Khutswane and Mafarane Circuits, that they should be careful of friends they choose because these can either support or destroy their career dreams. He further urged learners to scrutinise those they consider to be their “friends”. “asses them, evaluate what values do they bring in your life, starting from what they do when you are together, as well as how much do they encourage you to prioritise your studies on a daily basis.

Prof Mokgale Makgopa delivering a motivational talk at the recent Careers Day in Lenyenye

Prof Makgopa does not despise the fact that, whilst parents can play an important role in supporting their children, he himself is a product of parents that choose careers for their children, “and sometimes these run within the family and develop into a family profession.” Prof Makgopa discourages parents to choose careers for their children. He said this can discourage children to even apply or focus during studies. “Parents should support their children’s career dreams where possible,” says Prof Makgopa.

“You need to identify your own role model and mentor from whom you can learn the trade of the career you aspire. Have realistic goals in order to align your dreams with your own capabilities. This will enable you to choose a career in which you can fit. Stay focused on your dreams at all times and build solid confidence by arranging your own job shadowing,” says Makgopa. He further encouraged learners to surround themselves with people who will motivate and inspire them.

“What is critical in your career choice is that you should identify the role that you want to play in developing your own community,” urged Makgopa.

Univen Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Takalani Nyelisani addressing learners during the Lenyenye Careers Day

Univen Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Takalani Nyelisani urged learners to stop undermining their local institutions in favour of institutions away from their homes. “In the process of seeking for an institution of higher learning to further your studies, you need to be considerate of your family background. Do not pressurise your parents with unnecessary financial costs for qualifications that you can still find at local institutions. Univen has produced many of our current leaders in the country. It also provides curriculum relevant to the needs of the South African region. It simply does not make sense for a learner to travel to the Cape to study programmes that the University of Venda is offering at their doorstep,” he said. Nyelisani has further urged learners to stop stressing their parents by not applying on time.

Mr Maphoto form Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency giving words of encouragement

Delivering a message of support at the event, Mr KJ Maphoto from Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency, encouraged learners to go out and nurture their entrepreneurial dreams through high school and college or university. He added that this will help them to improve their future aspirations. Do not be frustrated with unemployment rate in South Africa; instead, consider self-employment. As your municipality, we find it important to focus on economic development”.

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Date: 16 August 2017

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