The University of Venda (Univen) visited Niani West Circuit schools to provide career guidance and motivational talk as part of the University’s Apply before the closing date campaign. The event took place at Ratshibvumo secondary school on Friday, 26 July 2019. Grade 12 learners from 06 secondary schools situated in the deep rural area with a challenge of communication due to limited network participated in the event. Most of the learners indicated that applying for admission online is a great challenge due to poor signal in their area.

Above: Mr Mutshidzi Ramagoma, Niani West Circuit Manager, welcoming the guests

Niani West Circuit Manager, Mr Mutshidzi Ramagoma welcomed the University of Venda representatives and encouraged learners to listen attentively in order to progress in life. “These visitors have lot of work to do in their offices, but they stopped everything and drove for many kilometers just to assist you to become something in life, you are so fortunate”, said Mr Ramagoma. “To the University representatives, welcome to deep rural based area with no resources to apply online, with no network signal and poverty striken so in whatever you say please consider these challenges which are barriers for these learners’ ‘success”, added Mr Ramagoma”.

Above: 125 grade 12 learners from Mamphodo, Ratshibvumo, Dzimauli, Matavhela and Lwaphungu secondary schools attending the career guidance and motivationaltalk

Above: Dr Takalani Dzaga, Director Communications and Marketing talking to learners

The Director Communications and Marketing, Dr Takalani Dzaga shared with the learners that since its establishment in 1982, the University of Venda has made considerable impact on the economic and social development of the country through the production of leaders and entrepreneurs. “We continue to produce alumni who are occupying strategic positions in both public and private sectors,” said Dr Dzaga. He also shared with the audience the accreditation of BCom Accounting Sciences degree, by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and accreditation of LLB degree. We have more than 16000 students coming from South Africa and other foreign countries and this gives an opportunity for our students to share knowledge with people from all over the world. Dr Dzaga further encouraged learners to make wise career choices and to know their career interest, ability, and that they should study towards careers that would enable them to create jobs. He further advised learners to choose what they like not what their friends’ like and to choose good friends. Live according to “D” principles which are, determination, dedication, dream, decision and discipline”, concluded Dr Dzaga.

Above: Univen Chief Admissions Officer Mr Seth Ugoda addressing learners

Above: Univen Chief Admissions Officer Mr Seth Ugoda addressing learners

Mr Seth Ugoda encouraged learners to apply manually or through online system which is active until the closing date of 27 September 2019. “Make sure that you attach all required documents such as a certified ID copy, a school report and proof of payment. He encouraged learners to apply at UNIVEN before the closing date. “Every year we receive calls from learners and parents seeking admission space after the closing date. In order to avoid finding yourselves in this predicament, please apply before the closing date” said Mr Ugoda.

Above: Assistant Schools Liaison Officer Justice Lebopa talking to learners

The Assistant Schools Liaison Officer, Justice Lebopa presented all programmes offered at the University of Venda.

Above: Mr Dominic Nkoana from Musina Local Municipality addressing learners

Mr Dominic Nkoana from Musina Local Municipality said the Municipality has a Mayoral bursary available for learners residing under the municipality. “Learners with dedication and discipline are the ones who deserve the mayoral bursary. Without these you can’t get this bursary because no one can perform well if there is no dedication and discipline because for you to be awarded this bursary, we
want better marks. If you want to be a successful person who plays a better role in the society, you must show discipline at home and at school. Family backgrounds must not determine your future. Amongst you, I see future leaders in government and private sectors. It is your responsibility to change your family
background and this can be achieved through education”, said Mr Nkoana.

Above: Caroline Humisani Thomu, a grade 12 learner from Mamphodo secondary


school responding on behalf of learners Caroline Humisani Thomu is a grade 12 learner from Mamphodo secondary who responded on behalf of all learners. “I really appreciate the good work which the
University of Venda is doing to change the lives of youth through education. “We have learnt a lot about career choices including important aspects which must be taken into consideration when choosing a career which include subjects balancing, career research, method of applying for admission and bursaries. We were clueless but now everything is on our hands to practice what was preached” she said.

Above: Mr Freddy Maphanda, English and Life orientation Teacher at Ratshibvumo secondary school proposing vote of thanks

Mr Freddy Maphanda, English and Life orientation Teacher at Ratshibvumo secondary school and an alumnus of the University of Venda, gave his closing remarks by explaining the challenges he faced after passing grade 12. “I didn’t get advice about career choice or information as well as applying for admission and the negative effects were that I stayed at home for a year. He added that
studying at UNIVEN was advantageous because I saved money for accommodation because travelling home after class was easy. When studying  far from home, take note of costs which will be required”. Said Mr Mphanda.

The Principal of Ratshibvumo secondary school Mr Azwihangwisi Simon Malindi was the Programme Director.

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Date: 02 August 2019

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