Univen Department of Communications and Applied Language Studies staff photographed with Dr Duma Ka Ndlovu (Middle) 

Despite criticisms of job scarcity for students who are in the field of Media Studies, Dr Duma ka Ndlovu, the Producer and Director of Muvhango and Uzalo shed light to UNIVEN Media Studies students on opportunities that are available in the media industry more especially in the television industry. Dr Duma ka Ndlovu shed this light during his courtesy visit at the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Research Conference Centre on Monday 12 August 2019. The aim of his visit was to sensitise UNIVEN Media Studies students about the nature of the television industry and what they need to do to get into the industry. 

Dr Duma ka Ndlovu, the Television Producer and Director of Muvhango and Uzalo

“Our youth of today focused more on becoming actors and actresses because they want fame. In the television industry there are several career paths that media studies students can partake.” Dr Duma Ka Ndlovu spoke about career paths such as being a producer, script writer, interpreter/translator, Video Editor, Art Director, Content Strategist, Audio Visual Technician etc. 

He expressed that in his company, he only hires those who have qualifications as he believes in bringing new faces and talent in the industry. “I encourage you to study hard until you graduate because now as we speak, I no longer hire anyone without a degree.” 

“Language representation is one of the most vital matter and this matter has triggered me to start a Tshivenda soap opera. Remember the three spoken languages in the Limpopo Province are minority languages and are not well represented on our small screens.” He explained that the representation of languages is a deep and sensitive topic which also needs to be looked at with careful African eyes. He continued to explain that South Africans need to use film and television to restore the dignity of those marginalized languages like Tshivenda and Tsonga without distorting or modernising our indigenous languages. 

Dr Duma Ka Ndlovu urged Univen Media Studies students to develop hunger and thirst for success. “The industry needs individuals who are ambitious, self-motivation and determined,” he said. 

UNIVEN Media Studies student Gilberto Nchabeleng

UNIVEN Media Studies student, Gilberto Nchabeleng said that the presentation of Dr Duma Ka Ndlovu was excellent and educational as it touched some critical hidden matters such as the attack on African culture through the media. It is truism that Euro-centre culture is a dominant one within the broad layers of the soap opera content sold to massive audience. “That was opulent and informative as well as suitable for young academics like us. We acknowledge and appreciate his visit to Univen,” said Nchabeleng. 

Dr Fulufhelo Makananise

In his vote of thanks message, Dr Fulufhelo Makananise has expressed his sincere gratitude to the television Producer and Director of Muvhango and Uzalo Dr Duma Ka Ndlovu for his enlightening and eye-opening lecture. “I believe that this will forge a long-lasting relationship and we hope to see you again even next year,” Makanaise said. 

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