‘Let’s walk the journey together’

Dr Rosinah Mphedziseni Mukhodobwane(nee Maphutha) – Mathematics lecturer – Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences – Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agriculture.

Dr Rosinah Mphedziseni Mukhodobwane(nee Maphutha) is a Mathematics lecturer at the University of Venda in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agriculture under the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences. She started working at UNIVEN as a part-time staff member from 2001 to 2007 and was employed permanently from 1st September 2007 to date. 

Dr Mukhodobwane who hails from Thohoyandou Block F, and was born in a rural village called Thengwe, Mangaya, against all odds, obtained her PhD degree in Mathematics from the University of Venda, and it was awarded on 14th July 2022. Her research interests are in Financial Mathematics. The topic of her thesis was: “Modelling volatility, equity risks and extremal dependence of BRICS stock markets”. From the study, three papers have already been published in peer-reviewed accredited journals. 

“My research journey was a challenging one because there were many roles that I was expected to play as a woman. To succeed in life, one needs to be dedicated, self-motivated, passionate and goal-directed. Above all these, prayer and perseverance are the most powerful attributes in the world of research’’, said Dr Mukhodobwane. 

Dr Mukhodobwane holds a BA degree in (Psychology and Education), BA Honours and MSc degree in Mathematics obtained at the University of Venda. She also obtained B.Ed. (Educational Management) degree, Higher Education Diploma Postgraduate (HED 

Postgraduate), Further Diploma in Education(School Guidance and Counselling) from the University of South Africa (UNISA). 

“To all women and young girls, stay focussed and ask the strength and guidance from the Lord, He will lead you until you achieve your desired goals because with God nothing is impossible”. 

She said apart from doing research and lecturing, she has been involved in mentoring students from disadvantaged families. “I have been coaching and empowering them with life coping skills and also motivating as well as guiding them on the aspects of self-development and perseverance. I am so proud of these students because most of them are now working, and some are about to complete their degrees”. 

“My future project will be Mathematics Awareness Programmes. The project will focus on motivating young generation to have interest and passion in Mathematics. This will help them to pass High School Mathematics with good marks so that they can make meaningful career choices in life”, she added. 

My sincere thanks to the Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication, for considering me to be one of the Women on the spotlight during this Women’s month. 

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