Some of the University of Venda students have on Friday, 14 February 2020 took their time to express their love to their partners during Valentine’s Day. The day is celebrated annually across the globe, it celebrates romantic love, making it a popular day for couples to spend time together. This day is associated with red hearts, flowers and exchanging of gifts between loved ones. 

UNIVEN lovebirds

Although people have different views about this day, UNIVEN students expressed their opinions regarding this day. 

According to the former UNIVEN SRC President Tsundzuka Hakamela, Valentine’s Day is a special day that unites the loved ones and it is an important day for couples to remind each other about the love that they have for each other. “Every day is a valentine’s day when you’re in a relationship, but 14 February has been marked on the calendar as a special day, thus we should celebrate it as such.” 

Former UNIVEN SRC President Tsundzuka Hakamela and his partner Hlengiwe Bila

“Valentine’s day is important because it symbolises love through the exchanging of gifts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean love can be bought through gifts” said Hlengiwe Bila, BEDTEF final year student. She further said that Valentine’s Day shows one that they are appreciated and loved. 

Given Khoza third year student studying BSCPC defined Valentine’s Day as a day in which people are verbally and non-verbally expressing their love to their partners. “People should not only celebrate love on a specific day, but it should be an everyday habit.” 

Given Khoza and Busisiwe Mbuyisa.

Busisiwe Mbuyisa third year student studying BSCMP said that the love and warmth in our households is enough to declare everyday a Valentine’s Day “We’re African people and in Africa we celebrate love every day. If it was up to me, there wouldn’t be a Valentine’s day because everyone should appreciate their partner everyday” she explained. 

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Date: 17 February 2020 

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