In a groundbreaking presentation at the South African Humanities Deans Association (SAHUDA) conference, Gudani Julius Ralufuluvhi, and Tshifhiwa Stanley Radzilani (Co-Researcher), both Master of Arts students specialising in Communication and Media from the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education at the University of Venda, unveiled pioneering research. Supervised by Dr Memory Mabika, their work shed light on the profound transformations occurring in the digital sphere. Ralufuluvhi explored the shifts in content consumption patterns, emphasising the pivotal role of platforms like Facebook Live and TikTok Live in connecting people in our socially distanced world. His presentation delved into uncharted territories, dissecting nuanced changes in user preferences and the rise of new content creators, captivating the audience with his insights.

The presentation addressed the challenges of maintaining content quality and authenticity amidst a surge in online information consumption. Ralufuluvhi’s research illuminated the strategies employed by fact-checking organisations to counter misinformation—a critical concern in the digital age. Through his meticulous methodology involving qualitative research and thematic analysis, he provided valuable insights that can guide future studies in this domain.

As Ralufuluvhi concluded his presentation, the audience erupted in applause, clearly impressed by his depth of knowledge and innovative approach. Positive comments filled the room, underscoring the relevance and timeliness of his research. The palpable enthusiasm in the room indicated a collective realisation of the transformative power of digital platforms, especially in the face of a global crisis.

In the heart of Limpopo Province, SAHUDA’s conference not only unearths academic brilliance but also cultivates a spirit of inquiry, collaboration, and transformation. It is a call for all, especially the youth, to engage with the challenges of our time and illuminate the path toward a more connected, informed, and harmonious global society.

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Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication
University of Venda
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Date: 20 November 2023

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