On Monday, 27 March 2023, the University of Venda (UNIVEN)’s Student Governance Unit together with the Student Representative Council (SRC) held a ceremony to receive One million rands worth donation from Mashudu Francinah Foundation. This ceremony took place at the Student Parliament in the Student Center building.

Director Student Affairs – Mr Azwidowi Mukheli

In his welcome message, Director Student Affairs, Mr Azwidowi Mukheli thanked the Foundation chairperson for identifying UNIVEN as their institution of choice regarding the donation.

Bishop George Muhali

When outlining the purpose of the event, Bishop George Muhali appreciated the Mashudu Francinah Foundation Chairperson for extending a hand to help those in need. He said the purpose of the event was to give to those who are in need, and he said God always blesses those who give to the poor and those who are in need.

Chairperson and the founder of Mashudu Francinah Foundation – Mr Livhuwani Mutavhatshindi

The Chairperson and the founder of Mashudu Francinah Foundation, Mr Livhuwani Mutavhatshindi in his keynote speech indicated that he is the son of Mashudu Francinah Mutavhatsindi. He mentioned that his mother has worked for this University for many years. “My mother started working for UNIVEN in 1992 until she passed away late last year (2022)”. He said that she was very passionate about Education, and she has natured and guided many people who are now making an impact in various communities.

“My mother used to encourage us to study hard because she took academic issues seriously. She used to come home with students who did not have accommodation here at the University. We used to sleep with people whom we do not know at all, but we shared a bed with them. During her funeral, I made a commitment in front of people that I will continue assisting students from UNIVEN who are financially struggling in honour of her memory. After communicating with Student Leadership, I saw a need for us as the Foundation to assist where possible.”

He said the Foundation has taken a decision to donate One million rands to the SRC to assist financially needy students. “The funds should be used for its purpose, and we are reassuring that this is not a once-off donation; the Foundation will continue to assist the University.”

SRC President – Mr Gudani Tshamano

SRC President, Mr Gudani Tshamano has appreciated Mashudu Francina Foundation for dedicating this One Million Rands donation to UNIVEN students. Mr Tshamano mentioned that the University has many students who are financially struggling and need this kind of assistance. He said other students have graduated but they do not have certificates because they are owing the University. This donated money will address such challenges even though it will not cover everyone.

“We appreciate what you have done, more especially because you are not expecting anything in return from the University,” said the SRC President.

University Registrar, Adv Edward Lambani

In his response, the University Registrar, Adv Edward Lambani has expressed his gratitude to the Chairperson of Mashudu Francinah Foundation. He mentioned that it is rare to find this event happening where the University employee’s legacy is celebrated by her kids in this manner. He thanked the Foundation for choosing UNIVEN by putting this University on its priorities list.

Adv Lambani further said that this event will be recorded in the books of the University and God shall bless the Foundation and shower it with more blessings.

Mr Andisani Mathelemusa

When delivering the vote of thanks message, Mr Andisani Mathelemusa encouraged student leaders not to forget the challenges that they are facing. He said even after leaving the University it is still our collective responsibility to come and assist other students who are in need. Mr Mathelemusa thanked the leadership of the Foundation together with the family of the late Mashudu Francinah who also attended this ceremony.

Attendees of the ceremony


A group photo of some of the attendees of the ceremony


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