“Thoho-ya-nzie” is a programme, aimed at assisting students in need with care and food packages ( non-perishables). This is meant for students who meet the criteria for being in this program. Students and staff are therefore encouraged to share with those in need.

SCCDU is requesting for donations from the university community to assist needy students through “Thoho-ya-nzie feeding scheme. The scheme aims at assisting students without financial assistance or bursary and those who come from empoverish family background. Together we would like to assist the students to thrive successfully during their academic study.

We will appreciate your contributions in a form of monetory, and non perishable food, and toiletries. Be informed that peer helpers (PH) will be visiting your offices with effect from  04th – 08th July. 2022, requesting donations in assisting for these needy students. Peer Helpers will be in their red/grey and navy blue T-shirts and they will be having a donation list to register your contribution.

On behalf of SCCDU we would like to thank you in advance for your contribution towards the scheme.

Kind Regards
Dr Morongwa Takalani
Student Counsellor

Dr R Pila-Nemutandani
Head of Department
015 962 8716 / 8540

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