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The Food Science and Technology (FST) programme at UNIVEN provides expertise in food processing and preservation with core modules in food chemistry, nutrition, food microbiology, post harvest technology and food engineering, food packaging, marketing, and quality assurance.

Food Science is a coherent and systematic body of knowledge and understanding of the nature and composition of food material and their behaviour under the various conditions to which they may be subjected. Food technology is the application of food science, engineering and mathematics to the processing, preservation, storage and utilisation of foods. Food science and Technology are so inextricably linked that they are usually treated as one field of study.

In the department, Food Science and Technologists are specially trained to develop professional abilities and to help in the alleviation of technical skills (especially with regard to redress) to be applied in the food industry, legislation, research and education and marketing sub-systems of the food production system. There is also opportunity to do postgraduate research in most areas of FST. Research activities are geared towards assisting farmers and small scale food processors to add value to primary agricultural products and reduce food insecurity. The programme is geared towards establishing the University as a centre of tertiary education for rural development and to respond to the rural development needs and the alleviation of poverty in Southern Africa.


To become the centre of excellence in Food Science and Technology in Southern Africa.


The Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) offers undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, as well as conduct research that are responsive to the development needs of the community and food industry. Three strategies goals anchor the core business of the department, namely: (a) teaching and learning, (b) advances the research and innovation mandate and (c) integration of community engagement in the core business.

Departmental links to Food Science associations.

B.Sc. Food Science and Technology

M.Sc. Food Science and Technology

PhD in Agriculture (Food Science and Technology)

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

FST 2541:
Introduction to food science and technology
FST 2641:
Introduction to food and nutrition
FST 2642:
Fundamentals of Post-harvest biology and storage technology
FST 2643:
Fundamentals of Food preservation technology
FST 2644:
Food process engineering
FST 3541:
Principles of human nutrition
FST 3542:
Food chemistry I
FST 3543:
Food Microbiology
FST 3081:
Food commodity processing
FST 3641:
Food product development and sensory evaluation of food
FST 3642:
Food chemistry II(Prereq FST2641)
FST 3643:
Quality systems management
FST 4541:
Industrial attachment with food industry for six months
FST 4641:
Food loss management
FST 4642:
Meat and poultry products technology
FST 4643:
Food machinery
FST 4644:
Meat, fish and poultry technology
FST 4646:
Fruit and vegetable technology(Prereq FST2642/FST3542/FST 3642)
FST 4647:
Fermented food products
FST 4081:
Research project
FST 6543:
Advances in post-harvest technology
FST 6641:
Seminar presentation
FST 6642:
Research project
FST 6643:
Technical report writing
FST 6099:
FST 7099:
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